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mistable videos…

mistable videos…

as i have mentioned, i am gearing up for HSN on Thursday… this time i will be presenting a total of 3 kits- and they are each so unique! this will be the last chance to get yourself an awesome Daily Junque kit, and i am so excited to have 2 brand new kits:  1- the Mistables kit and 2- a mini-book kit… i am going to give you the insiders guide to both these kits for the next couple days here on my blog- before i am outta here on wed morning!

i have already shared some of my Mistable pages and samples… but now i have some videos for you to check out.  this collection is so amazing- i have just been LOVING it since the moment i got my hands on it… in the past, when you add glimmer mist to paper, you have to deal with rolling, or waving or bending of the paper becuase of the water—well, this mistable paper is SO thick, and specifically designed for the misting sprays! and not just the paper quality… but each of the 6 designs have a resist PATTERN that really strengthens the paper, and gives such unique looks. Here are some videos that will give you a closer look at ALL the mistable yumminess: papers, alphabets, ribbons & ruffles as well as the super cute lables (love these!)  so grab a icy cold beverage, and enjoy some quick clips:


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