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Welcome back sweet ones.

Today is purely inspirational in that I will be sharing with you some moments from my Memory Dex.

My blush Memory Dex spinner is one of my most beloved projects right now, plus it is just oh so pretty.  I am not sure if it is just because it is February, but I am feeling all the things blush pink.  Just making me so happy these days!

Another thing that just makes me happy is creating cards, just to CREATE!

Memory Dex creativity is seriously the best.  Once I get started, I just cannot stop.  Truly one of the best ways to get into your stash…use up some of those collections you may not have touched in awhile.  Speaking of…. I forgot how much I loved working with Old School!  Gah!  SO GOOD!  Needless to say….you can see I had such a great time.  These are my newest additions to my spinner.  I love their messages and the vibe.  Because, Old School.  Am I right?!

You will notice this card is actually foiled animal print. Yep!  I die cut paper from the Minc Surface Paper Pad and ran it through my Minc with the animal print foil. LOVE! It turned out so fabulous and my Memory Dex so welcomed this foiled glam.  One of my newest favourite cards for sure.  It really looks so pretty. You must try this!

The other cards I created are simply layered with Old School ephemera.

Just loving these layers and machine stitching for extra texture.  Simple, yet eye catching.  Layer up that ephemera on those cards, one can never go wrong.

Some simple interactivity on this one.  I die cut a tag and then folded it over the card to add some type text and to make it just that much more interesting.  I love that Memory Dex cards do not have to be complicated to make, just a few simple elements and they really turn out so freaking cute.  They all have their own personalities and I just love that.  When you add them altogether in the spinner….even better!

My Memory Dex has not only become one of my most beloved projects, but one of my most treasured studio accessories as well.  The creative direction one can take with these are truly endless and that alone is one of the best parts of having, using and creating a Memory Dex!

Oh and remember, the blush spinner can ONLY be found at scrapbook.com so be sure to head over there to snag one for yourself.  You will adore it.

Till next time friends 🙂

Supplies: Blush Memory Dex Spinner; Old School collection

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