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monday … back at it!

monday … back at it!

Well, happy Monday!

I am feeling good! well-rested and ready to rock!

I think that it should be mandatory for people to go on
vacation! You just feel so much better afterwards! It’s like you can actually think!

It’s the first day of summer for me really- since my kids
got out as we were leaving to go to Cabo, and we were gone all week!  SO it’s a whole new ball game today! We
sat last night and had a big family planning meeting to get schedules aligned
and figure out chores and the kid’s responsibilities… and how I am going to
juggle their play and my work! It’s a trick for sure! But I think we have a
good plan. Everyone is so happy and in good spirits as summer kicks off. We
even wrote a long list of ‘boredom busters’ that should work for at least the
next couple of days, right? The good thing about the kids getting older is that
they can handle more responsibility and can help out more! Of course, then we
have to get into compensation- but I need the help! so I am happy about it! and
I made a huge discovery today as well! If I get up early (gasp, heaven forbid!)
then I get extra hours of work. I am finding it harder and harder to work at
night- the kids won’t go to bed! (I wonder where they learned that!??!)

 SO…my new plan
is to try to get up early, which means go to bed early! It’s a whole new
concept! Imagine!!  Ok, trying
desperately to get things pulled together around here!

Here’s to a great week! i have 3 scrapbook pages to get ready for Wednesday night!!!

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