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monday happiness…

monday happiness…

Ah, Monday. Img_7252

I love it! I took some time last night to write a to-do list and set some goals for the week! I have a full week work-wise…the older 3 kids have a Chinese tutor in the morning for 2 hours, and then they are going to an afternoon day camp! Busy is good. I went out for a run this morning and for the first time I used this!! What is it you ask? And why do I have a piece of scrapbook paper on my shoe? I had to use it to make a little make-shift holder for my nike+ipod sensor. I don’t have the ‘official’ shoes that you are supposed to put it in, so it’s on this cute little pouch. If you haven’t seen one of these little beauties…this sensor goes in your shoe, and tracks how far you go, and how fast (it’s about $29USD). Then you plug a receiver into your i-pod, and in addition to groovin’ along on your run, your time, distance and caloric expenditure is being tracked and stored. There is a nice voice that tells you how long you have been running how far, and how fast! I was quite delighted with it. I ran 4.11 miles. And I burned 430 calories. I have been trying to get back into running shape…I had a little foot injury, but I am feeling good again.  It’s always a bit of an adventure running here- but I am happy just to get out of the house. I really look forward to the time to myself. the weather really reminds me of running at the beach. It’s really flat everywhere here…it’s totally humid, and nice, but not HOT. As I run, I try to imagine being in Newport, running along the boardwalk…I think I just need to download some ocean sounds and I would be there… my own little escape! (can you tell I am missing our beach trip?) ocean or no ocean… this makes me happy! so easily entertained!

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