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Monday morning..

Monday morning..

Monday morning… and ready for action! We have had a wonderful, delightful time staying here at the Spier Hotel. It’s in the ‘winelands’ part of Cape Town, quite inland from the ocean. The resort has a convention center, where the classes were held, and just beautiful grounds, fabulous restaurants and even a cheetah outreach program where we went and actually petted the cheetahs.  They are just amazing and beautiful. One of the cheetah cubs that we were able to ‘meet’ has ‘king’ markings on her coat, and is very, very rare. So that was cool to see, and learn about.  We also learned that big cats either roar or purr, but they can’t do both… and cheetahs purr… so as we were petting them they were just laying there purring! How cute is that? it was really cool. Afterward, we took a 2 hour long drive up and over the mountain and down around ‘False Bay’… the cool thing about Cape Town is that it’s at the southern point of the country where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean meet in this huge convergence. There are these huge, rugged mountains that have strange weather patterns on either side… it’s very ‘california’ to me. It seems to be northern and southern California all within the confines of a very small area. I think that is so cool. This would be an awesome place to live.. its has a little of everything. We drove through amazing orchards, and farms… I could see trials for biking and hiking… and we drove along the most magnificent coast where the sharks and whales are… simply amazing place. Happy to be here… (Eric, you would LOVE this place). We sped back to eat at the most spectacular restaurant that I think I have ever been to… it’s all under a tent.. or outside in the trees… great ambiance. The food is served buffet style, so you can try all kinds of stuff…and there was really fun entertainment- including face painting for everyone! They came around and put white dots on all our faces…so much fuN! Very memorable. I loved it. of course I ate too much, and even this morning- I don’t feel like I need to eat for a week.



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