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MONDAY! yay.

MONDAY! yay.

i have about a million things to talk about- whew… seriously, stuff is buzzing around inside my brain, and i need to get it ORGANIZED! (yeah, right…) i am about the most non-linear thinker there is!  but just to get a few things out there…

here is my big announcement:

while it seems that Creative Escape was just here… in order to put together the most amazing, and inspiring and UNFORGETTABLE creative escape yet… and forever more…we are in full-swing planning for next year!  registration for the FINAL Creative Escape has opened!  For the LAST year… we are pulling all the stops-  this will be an event like none other… some of the things will be the same… same amazing attention to detail, beautiful and relaxing venue, delicious food and inspiring classes and fabulous teachers… but this year there will even be MORE! more classes, more techniques, more surprises, and more FUN than ever. i like to keep the details under wraps… you know the drill… but i will say this- Creative Escape will go out with a BANG! it's been so much fun to dream to out do ourselves! – i love the theme for this year… "worth remembering"… this creative escape will explore more elements of creativity and even some different styles of classes and types of projects… if you have been before… don't miss it! if you have been holding out… this is your last chance! usually we never announce teachers this early… but as i said, we are breaking our own rules, and re-vamping… check out the website and see who SOME of the familiar faces are that will be teaching- but that is just a few!!  you have almost a year to plan! grab your sister, your friend, your daughter or mom… your neighbor or even your hubby! and COME! it will be AMAZING… it will be 'worth remembering'…  mom.. katie… larane?  are you guys in?

of course…i also have a webshow to prep for! i have been looking forward to this show… it's going to be kinda intese… i'll be teaching 3 12×12 scrapbook pages- all fully misted… and using my Heidi Swapp Glimmer kit-  now this kit is quite special, because it's the only place you can get your hands on some of the special 'misting' paper! you can grab the kit here… or on the tattered angels website…


i am guessing that this show will go for more than an hour- i'll be sharing specific techniques.. but really focus on bringing an entire page- or an entire project together with color- and embellishments… still using the Fab fall colors… so plan on joining in! you can work along with me … or after the show is over, you can work, and hit the pause button as needed… this kit has everything you need, and even cut to size!  AND including the entire TEXTURE STAMP set… you will love this! but you will also need a bit pink misting mat… you can get that here.   same time, same place… oct. 20 (wed night) at 8pm Mountain Time. 

maybe you have checked out my new 'flower' shop…  i wore a fun combo to church on sunday with my black and white cardi from Target… i am calling it the 'flamingo combo' … the flamingo blossoms are new this week… ok, admittedly not super fallish… but so bright and fuN! you save $2 when you  buy this featured combo!

Screen shot 2010-10-18 at 12.06.40 PM

in this set you get a 'medium' or 4" hot pink flower,  as well as a 'small' or 3" salmon w/ hot pink flower- the centers are a little cluster of faux pearls and some glitter (for extra sparkle). they come with clips on the back.  as greys and blacks and dark colors start taking over the wardrobe, these sunny little numbers will add so much!  

ok, back to work getting ready for the Ultimate Cruise! it's going to be here before i know it! and those of you who are sailing.. did you hear that Wendy Senger from Tattered Angels will be on board? you guys will be PRO glimmer misters after this! i can't wait to hang with Stacy and Debby as well.. i have been hearing about their projects, and just am hoping they are packing an extra kit for me!  back to work!


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