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You know that I love, love Mondays!
I even went to bed at a ‘decent’ hour last night, made a to-do list, set a couple achievable goals, and overall- had a pretty productive day-including some exercise, creating a cute little book, and entertaining the ‘little ones’- we have had to accept that Capri and Connor are no longer “babies”… so we had to come up with something to call them-we have all agreed to ‘little ones’. they will always be babies to me I think.  the ‘little ones’ have colds. The whole fever, runny nose, coughing thing. Both of them have so much congestion in their chest, when they get coughing they wind up throwing up! Well, it’s only happened a couple times, but a little throw up goes a long way! The only good part about when they are sick is that they are SO cuddly. Neither of them are the type that just sit on your lap and be happy and content there. But in the last 3 days, they have just wanted to lay by me, or sit snuggled up. it’s so cute. The kids returned to school today after their 3 week Chinese New-Year break…i think that we all welcome the the return of routine! Such a relief! Bedtimes, sit down together meals…tired kids! All good. Just think we are off to a good start this week.

So this is the little book I made today-
Emphasis on the word ‘little’… go here to see how I made a ‘miniature’ of my valentine book!

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