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more from inside cha!

more from inside cha!

it’s been a whirlwind since CHA… I had the amazing opportunity Friday and Saturday to attend an intense hands-on digital designer workshop with Carina Gardner. Carina teaches at www.jessicasprague.com, mostly she teaches illustrator classes and of course offers her amazingly gorgeous kits…it was a small group of us together in a room for 2 days, and it was amazing! I loved every minute of it! I learned SO much, and it was exciting to learn so much. Carina is an amazing teacher—so knowledgeable, and the information just flows from her.  The coolest thing was being in a room with women that were all willing to share, and teach one another. Eric actually arranged for me to go to the class, knowing that I would never take the time, even though I’d love to… I really appreciate that Eric is so supportive of my goals- taking classes, and learning new things is so empowering and energizing! (here is Carina’s review of CHA…)

Today I caught up on some of the fun videos and feedback from the CHA show regarding some of my products:

today I also finally had a chance to listen to the CHA and 100th episode of Paperclipping Round Table. It’s a podcast that is hosted by Noelle Hyman from Paperclipping.com, and well as a panel of contributors… this show was hosted by Noell, Ali Edwards, Stacy Julian, Nancy Nally and Angie Lucas. I thought that the episode was particularly insightful… I certainly was thankful for the kind words that were spoken about myself, and my new release…I was so thrilled by the their comments and descriptions of the Memory File. THANKS LADIES!! It’s pretty interesting to hear about what these ladies think are the hot trends, and their favorite new and innovative products… as well as their perspective of the show. It’s worth a listen for sure! The mood is casual, and really makes you feel like you are there, hanging out and hearing all about it! the podcasts are available on itunes… it’s a great way to stay in the loop!
and here is a look at my WHOLE array of “fabulous” as i like to call it! it’s ALL the NEW EMBELLISHMENTS that are included in my CHA 2012 release…it’s yummy!

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