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more smiles.

more smiles.

Img_7738So I got serious today and re-vamped my scrapbooking table…just to streamline, and make things more efficient. i had to evaluate what things were the most important to have close to me. and on the table, and behind me, and in my closest drawers. I suddenly realized, that I didn’t like walking across the room to sew. How dumb is that. I also realized that I was moving my craft mat, and my cutting mat all the time. that was bugging me too. I have another mat that I do my actual work on… SO. I moved my sewing machine right next to me, on the right. Fit perfect. I adhered my craft mat to the table top on the left, and then adhered (I used double sided tape) my cutting mat on my right. That leaves the middle for my work mat. I decided there were a few things that I use enough, that I would like to just keep out, instead of fishing around in my drawer everytime. So far (today) this has worked out really well! and look how clean it looks! (that probably won’t last). But it’s so refreshing to feel like it is more ‘efficient’ space.
So, I did put the finishing touches on my July calendar page. cute connor is the star of the month! I love this fresh, summery scenic route paper.
Connor has been getting so much play lately.. so I caught this photo of Capri while I was shooting connor…she has learned to say ‘cheese’.. and while this doesn’t mean that she is willing to look at the camera, she is getting the fact that she is supposed to smile. Since my ‘smile’ stamp was still on top of the stack, and this summery collection from Scenic Route was still out, this was the result.
You might be noticing this stamp set on some of my stuff lately…? The ‘and say cheese’ is a new stamp set I am releasing at this show.. it’s so cool.. it’s got a whole alphabet of this serif font, that is a mix of upper and lower case…and then there are a few select letters that are this more fancy, frilly script. I love the mixture. It’s a clear alpha set, so it’s just super easy to use!! It’s a steal at $9.99.  I am going to try to post some more peeks! I leave in a week from today, and still have so much to do! check Janet’s blog for some peaks she posted last night.  SO cute!


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