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more t-shirts!

more t-shirts!

if you follow me on Twitter or even on Instagram you have already taken a peek at these… but as you well know i have an addiction to my Yudu….

this weekend is SCRAPFEST, and i am teaching a class or 2 and also doing some demoing up at the Archivers store and along with Rebecca Cross, owner of Pink Paislee and Wendy Senger, owner of Tattered Angels- hosting a 'crop' on Friday night… so we thought it would be fun if we had some T-shirts… we are teaching a couple little Halloween projects and spoiling the girls that will be hanging out with us!  so that should be fun times! of course- i wound up dying the t-shirts orange, mixing a little glitter in with the regular printing, and even hand drawing a little "missoni" inspired spider web.. 

Chev spiderweb

you have to use a different type of screen if you want to do the glitter stuff… you have to use a 70mm screen so that that glue will pull through the screen. it's a regular 110mm screen for the ink.  i wound up creating 4 different screens. 2 are the 70 and 2 are the 110. but i picked a bunch of different elements that i could mix around and play with — i think that Colton and COry are pretty much over my little 'festive' t-shirts… but Q, capri and connor are super impressed with my creations!  i do think that i need to come up with something awesome when Rugby starts up again.

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