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Mouse.Paper. Scissors…

Mouse.Paper. Scissors…

i am SO excited about a NEW YEAR! you know, i LOVE a new, fresh start… and all ready there are SO MANY exciting things lined up in 2011… it's going to be a great year. REMARKABLE even!


One of those really exciting things ivolves me working with someone that i totally LOVE and adore, and constantly AMAZES me… Jessica Sprague.  We have been working together to Create (ready for it… i love the title alone): "Mouse, Paper, Scissors… "  ok, this has been so much fun to put together, that i can't talk about it without smiling! this is the ULTIMATE hybrid class… it's going to combine computer/digital/printing skills with actual "hands-on" paper, glue, scissors (mess) skills… you are going to LOVE IT! you must join us!! we are going to start slow.. and teach the basics of digital savvy-ness, and work up into some mad-digi skills that will turn your computer into your favorite scrapbooking tool!
now keep in mind, while i have really been working on my photoshop skills, i don't consider myself a "digital" scrapbooker… but, learning these skills has totally changed my creative perspective! i LOVE the resources that are available. it's a little scary- but SO worth it!!

this class is 4 weeks… and it includes a kit that will be shipped to you. (and yes, you internationals can play along too!) you need to grab Photo Shop Elements… (i think you can use a trial if you aren't sure about it yet). of course, we will be using House of 3 goodness, and really cool NEW stuff that will be available to you through the class.  you will not want to miss out on this class.. it's going to be a blast.. and you will learn SO much! Jessica will be in charge of teaching the nuts and bolts of the digi stuff, in her step by step, easy to learn way… and i will be teaching some FUN put-it-all together projects! including my own tips and tricks to speed up that creative process! i can't wait!

SIGN UP NOW.. the class can be purchased right now for 20% off because of a sale on Jessica's site… so jump in now while you can get a sweet deal!  you will LOVE this class… it's going to be so awesome!



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