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moving is hard.

moving is hard.

seriously. when we moved to utah 18 months ago- we knew that another move was emminent. we moved into my folk's home as they left to serve a mission for the LDS church in Fiji. We were in some serious transition, as eric went back to school. we have had an amazing 18 months- we managed to accomplish the things that we set out to do-and made friends, and really settled into this place. and now, it's time for my mom and dad to come home, and us to move on! i'd like to say that i was SURE this was going to be our last move until we retire into our 2 room condo on a golf course in an 'active adult community'… but, i am not sure of anything!

we have moved over this last week, and now i have a mess to clean up where we moved away from and a mess to deal with where we moved to! and 2 messes are not better than one!  Cory and Quincy started at a new school today, i enrolled Capri and Connor into a new school… and found a great place for Quincy to take dance. Our cable and TV aren't hooked up yet (not a bad thing!) … and once we got our washer and dryer all hooked up and plugged in (after changing the power cord from a 3 prong to a 4 prong) found that neither are working properly- even after they have both been repaired (but have been in storage since the reparaiation)…

needless to say, i am feeling super overwhelmed.

but life goes on! right? i am waiting for some huge rush of adrenaline to come and give me the energy i need to pull it all together. i got a good full-nights sleep last night, and i was hoping that would help! but i think this is a situation where you just have to keep putting one foot in front of another, and stay focused, positive and grateful along the way! trying to remember that!

wednesday night, we will be broadcasting our first LIVE webshow from Rhonna's house: 8-9pm Mountain time… we have some cool plans for 2011… and we want to share a little glimpse with you! so RE-member to join us! 2011 will be RE-markable… and RE-freshing!  i am RE-ady!

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