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my big 'craft channel' debut

my big 'craft channel' debut

by now, surely you have heard about "my craft channel"–and it's finally UP and running… and amazing! SO much work…(and i am sure blood and sweat) has gone into this project… and i am so excited and so thrilled to be a part of it. i feel totally honored that i was invited to be one of the hosts! especially when i look at the amazing women that are also involved… the shows are spectacular- and SO inspiring!  i mean, when you watch- you just have to look at how each SET has been perfectly tailored to fit each host–just look at all the thought and props and paint that has been invoved there.  HUGE 'congrats' goes out to Kristine McKay and her team. I had a great time filming…i do feel lucky that the stuido is only a 30 minute drive from my house- and not a plane ride away! major plus!

this morning my little show had it's debut!  my show is called "Create to Remember"… which totally captures exactly WHY i make stuff! here is a screenshot of my show page, and a little description of the show.  and here is a link that takes you to my NEWEST (and only) show so far!


on each one of my shows… my goal is to show off something that i love to create- show HOW to create it… and then show a more 'vintage' (projects from my past) …just to kinda illustrate that i really do 'create to remember!  here are a few highlights of what i talk about.. the title of today's show is called "back to back binding" which is just a really great way to make easy books! 

this is actaully the very first one that i made using this technique, and i taught how to make it in my 'year to remember' class that i taught at Big Picture Classes in 2007.  i serioulsy love this book- it's been a true treasure!  it was a fun summer day that we had as a family at a water park- we spent the whole day there.  i think its' SO important  to document family fun.

here are a couple more of the projects that i show… we made this project at Archivers' Scrapfest!

and this project i LOVE… i have yet to teach it in a class- though i think it would be a great class…

this one is using the mistable papers and gorgeous mistable frame.. i wish you could see it in real life. it's a looker!  this is a rare project that i haven't even filled with photos- i think that the papers are SO beautiful… i just haven't wanted to cover them up… maybe i never will!? 

major kudos to the folks at My Craft Channel- i thought that my program was really beautifully edited- i think that the camera angles are really great- they really help you see what i am doing, and the quality of video is fabulous!  so be sure to check it out!  you won't want to miss ANY of the videos! 

**spoiler alert** tomorrow (Oct. 6th) i am on with the 'featured buy' which includes  a FABULOUS Halloween project – using the Phantom Halloween collection- it's basically a class and a kit! you will love it… so stay tuned for that!


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