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my crazy life.

my crazy life.

I can’t believe it’s already after midnight. Man, I’d love 2 more hours in my day today! I don’t know where this last week went… well, ok- I do. wrapped up QVC-back to the beach. WONDERFUL time. PERFECT weather. I didn’t do much ‘sitting’ on the beach with the 2 little ones. Between naps, bottles, sand, snacks, etc.etc.etc. it wasn’t the most relaxing time, but it was so fun! My regret is that I didn’t get good photos. I just couldn’t focus on it. too hard to hold a baby and a camera. Capri LOVED the water. Dang, she is cute. The thing I love most about the beach is how exhausted the kids are by the end of the day. too tired to fight, too tired to resist bedtime. I think that the beach highlight was the debut of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2. We had a party and everything!  I am such a geek, but I loved every minute of it! and we have been listening and dancing to the soundtrack ever since.

While we were at the beach…eric made a purchase that I have been anticipating for about 3 months:
7 one-way tickets to Beijing, China leaving Sept. 24th.
I have made mention of his business dealings and product development here and there… and he and his partner have built a factory in China to produce the garage doors they have developed. (very exciting)…early on, it became clear (and we have both known that it would be necessary) he needed to physically be there. the long trips overseas have been so hard for me, and harder now w/ #5.  SO, after MUCH deliberation…we have settled into enthusiastic acceptance of our family adventure!  You know the really cool part? This is eric’s DREAM. This is what he used to talk about while we were dating (our 5  year courtship…) He has always been fascinated with creating products, innovation and design. Having served a mission for the LDS church 15 years ago in Taipei, Taiwan, he learned that he had a ‘gift’ for the language (who knew…). I am told constantly by Chinese people that he SOUNDS native when he speaks. And he LOVES it. He loves to surprise Chinese people with his language skills…they are always so shocked, and delighted. I am sure that we’ll be shocking as we walk around with 5 little blondes! How cool is it that he is fulfilling his dream! My kids are stoked. A little worried, and not wanting to miss their friends and fall basketball league…but totally up for the adventure.
Ok… so I am sure if you are reading this, you are thinking that we are TOTALLY crazy, and maybe wondering how in the world you just up and move to CHINA? (the answer is YES we are crazy!) but based on the reactions over the past couple of weeks, as we have started telling friends and family… a list of FAQ’s has been developing!

1.    Can you still do your work from CHINA?  Sure…I do almost everything remotely as it is! we use email, IM and cameras to do almost all our communication internally. I can continue teaching on-line at BPS, work on designs with my team and I plan on packing my ENTIRE arsenal of scrapbook essentials into the container that is leaving just a few days after CE.  I am SO excited about the new world of INSPRIATION and possibilities! Very cool!
2.    Where will you be living? We have rented a  house in a ‘western-style’ community in the outskirts of Beijing. It’s a 4 bedroom house, with a yard and a garage and a room that will become my studio! Our home is located about 10 miles NE of the FORBIDDEN CITY! Can you imagine! Seriously so excited to explore! (see this google earth screen shot of the Forbidden City). We’ll be members of a ‘club’ that has pools, b-ball courts, exercise classes, and even a skateboard ramp!

3.    How will you get around? We will not be living convenient to the subway, and the traffic is HORRIBLE so most likely we’ll hire a driver. (sounds great to me) Eric will have a small car to get to work. His factory is 26 miles from our home. As far as traveling within China and to the other neighboring countries, we’ll use trains and planes…we’ll have to take full advantage.
4.    Do you speak Chinese? NOPE… I don’t. Eric does of course, and me and the kids will be taking lessons immediately.
5.    How long will you be there? I have committed to one year. We plan to return to the states after the Beijing Olympics and before 2008 Creative Escape!
6.    Will you come back at all? Cool thing is that China is only a plane ride and an email away! Right now, I am planning on coming back in FEB for CHA winter, and to attend Eric’s Builder’s show in Orlando.  I am also coming back in April to teach at the Scrap,ETC. event in Nashville. We’ll just see how it goes.
7.    What about school for the kids? This is an issue ! the private schools are astronomically expensive. OUTRAGEOUS.  Sigh… we’ll  just have to see.
8.    What are you doing with your house here? Well, that is up in the air as well. We have done all the preparation to sell it. the market is really soft here at the moment, but most likely we’ll put it up for sale and see what happens.

So: yes there will be Creative Escape ‘08
       Yes… I will be back for Scrap.etc event
      I plan to start up a new blog… ‘live from beijing’ or something like that! so I can share my crazy adventure with everyone!
And YES… the show must go on!

Am I nervous? A little… but eric knows whats up and he’s going to have to live with me.
Am I worried about dragging 5 little kids across the planet? Um, yea! But I think that it will be an amazing, unforgettable, life-altering, growth experience.
And as my mom asked me “is this wise?”… and in truth, under the circumstances… I truly in my heart believe it’s the best thing for our family. the decision has not been made lightly. 
And the BEST NEWS of all: I have a cousin that is 20, and from SLC. She is a student at the Uof U and has a double major of ART and International Studies… after talking to her a bit at the beach, she decided to COME ALONG to help with the kids, and everything!!
(YAY!!!!) Kylee… you are the BEST. My kids love her and are THRILLED!

I have to thank my boss, and owner of ADVANTUS. When I told him the news, he didn’t even skip a beat. He has been totally supportive and willing to work with my ever-changing conditions! I also have been SO grateful for the support of my parents and eric’s mom. I think that this would be so much harder if they were discouraging us. I know it’s going to be hard for them to have us so far away…but they have been awesome. 
What an amazing world we live in! It truly is a small world, and getting smaller. I love that communication is so easy, and possibilities so endless. It really is the opportunity of a life-time.
Speaking of an amazing world… I think I am going to quickly order my groceries on-line so they’ll be here in the morning… and go to bed!

By the way… Creative Escape is 2 weeks from tomorrow! (squeal in delight)

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