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my jumpstart…

my jumpstart…

i hope that you have been following along with the creative jumpstarts each day! what an AMAZING month of daily inspiration right in my inbox. i have loved it so much! HUGE HUGS To Nathalie Kalbach for the  SIGNIFICANT amount of work that she put into this endeavor!  TODAY is my day… and i have been laughing at myself since i re-watched the video — i remembered how many problems i had with my video!i was experimenting with the idea of melting tissue into wax — similar to the way that i have been melting tissue paper onto candles to decorate: so… i got out one of these really cool chipboard binders from Bazzill. it’ s such a nice thick chipboard with a 3 ring binder inside- called “Totally Exposed”. I then designed a cute quote sheet and printed it onto tissue paper… turned out so cute! you can grab it off of here if you want to play with it.

here’s a little write up i did for the project:

I find that creative PLAY is the most effective way for me to jump-start my creativity! For this challenge, I decided to experiment with a technique I love on candles… and create a cover for an Art Journal.

By using a heat tool, and a piece of tissue paper, you can melt the tissue paper right onto the candle, thus adding color, art and design right onto the surface of the candle- Here’s how I created the cover using wax, tissue, a heat tool and photoshop.

  1. design or type what you want to use as the art for your collage
  2. print the art onto white tissue paper by cutting the tissue to 8×11 and taping it to a piece of cardstock to feed it through your printer.
  3. Cover the surface of your book or chipboard with a bottom layer- I used old book paper
  4. Paint the melted wax all over the surface, with 2-3 coats.
  5. The surface with be rough, with brush strokes and varying thicknesses; using a heat tool, smooth out the surface so it’s nice and even
  6. Begin to place your tissue pieces as you wish- you can layer them- they will be transparent layers.
  7. To add glitter, heat to melt a portion of the wax, and sprinkle glitter on melted portion; allow to cool.

Once the surface has cooled completely, it will be similar to the surface of a candle. Keep it out of extreme heat!this is the first layer, you want to put down a background and then really coat it with wax. — when you brush on the wax (i used a melting pot and bees wax, but you could totally just melt chunks of candle.)  i then smoothed out all the wax by heating with an embossing gun. then you just layer on the wax- it’s SO easy, and SO fun! i loved the process so much!  i had more technical difficulties with the video for this than i EVER have! one of my lights bit the dust, so it was dark, and then the video was like 15 minutes long and i was annoying myself watching it… so then i really edited it down–and i decided that what i was doing spoke for itself, and added music to drown myself out– LOL turns out, maybe people would want to hear what i had to say! IDK… SOOOO big apologies for the music, and hopefully the technique will speak for itself!! please forgive me!:)

i do want to express sincere gratitude to Nathalie for inviting me to participate- i needed that little jump! i knew that all the jumpstart artists would totally ‘bring it’ (which they so totally have), and so it really caused me to push myself, which i am SO glad i did! i have a goal (after cha) to do some art journaling, and i am thrilled to have so many fresh and interesting techniques to explore from these amazing women all over the world. it’s humbling, and exhilerating. thanks to each one of you who have participated and shared- i feel like i got to spend time with you, in your creative space–and learn. THANKS!!

with CHA coming SOON, i have been working, working– lots to do! be sure to check my fb page, and follow me on twitter and instagram…i’ve been letting some sneaks trickle out a bit.  also, there will be a sneak peek email going out each day this week, if you aren’t signed up to receive them, head over to www.heidiswapp.com and sign up!

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