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my matress vs. quiet

my matress vs. quiet

I should be heading off to bed. I am tired… but it’s so quiet, and you KNOW how I just can’t waste the quiet on sleep! I just finished off a cold piece of Red Velvet cake (just how I like it)- did I mention that mom made it for me when she got here? Lucky us. I am exhausted. We rode home last night from Xi’an on the overnight train. It was so much fun. (I wasn’t in the bunk that had cory puking in the middle of the night). Other than the puke, (sorry for that graphic word), the whole experience totally rocked. We climbed aboard after a overwhelming cultural experience in the train station, around 7:30pm. And immediately started settling in and getting cozy for our all night ride. Each room had 4 bunk beds, and I thought that the beds were actually softer than the 2 hotel rooms I had been in. more ‘samantha who?’ for me, and then a sound nights sleep… it’s amazing how rested you feel when you don’t get up with babies. (even a train is more rest than a Capri and Connor!) but I was SO happy to get back to those precious babies… who were so happy to see us! So cute.  Tomorrow is a full day! so I just want to share a few photos of our 2nd river ride, and our trip to Xi’an where the Terra Cotta Warriors are.  The whole trip was just amazing. Despite the setbacks, which were a-plenty… I LOVED seeing a new part of this incredible country- especially so ‘up close, and personal’.  it was spectacular, and beautiful, and so interesting. I feel so lucky we got to go, and take my parents, and just the 3 older kids. it was totally memorable! Every bit of it… never a dull moment… you know, I just realized that I get to sleep in my soft bed…hmm, that sounds fantastic. GOOD NIGHT!





Img_6280i will post photos of Xi’an tomorrow.. now my bed is calling my name.

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