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my organization & storage tips

my organization & storage tips

Allow me to ‘preface’ this by saying that I am not ‘organized’ by nature. For me, ‘organized’ is really more about having things easily accessible, and easily put-backable … (is that a word)? But I do have a few ideas to share that work really well for me!

about my studio: My Scrapbook studio is located on the 2nd floor landing/loft area. It’s not very big, but from that vantage point I can see down into the kitchen, dining, and family room to keep an eye on the goings on, so it works out pretty good. The counters/cabinets I have had for about 9 years or so; they are all modular so we just keep rearranging them depending on the space I have to set up in.

The most important thing for me is to have the stuff I use the most often, the most accessible. I have 2 counter tops set up parallel with about 4 feet in between them. I have a misting/craft mat and cutting mat on both counters so that I have multiple working areas. I added 2 plug strips which ensures I have plenty of power when I need it!

I use my misting sprays and inks all the time, so I have them both in very accessible open areas. I have the mists in a zebra print box, and the inks in an open basket on a shelf within arm’s reach. I keep my heat tool, and hot glue gun in the open drawers on top of my counter, I almost always use those!

The other must-have, easy access solution I LOVE is my ‘scrap drawer’. This is just where I toss my off-cuts and extra pieces as I go; I don’t try to file them, but whenever I am looking for something, I check the scraps first…often I find stuff I kinda forgot about!

I find myself using hot glue sticks, and white ribbon a lot! So I have a dedicated jar for each of those right on my counter top (I threw my new trimmings in there as well).

I also have my thread in a wide mouth jar I got at target. It’s home is high on a shelf, I don’t need it quite so close!

I am still beyond thrilled with my paper storage solution—the ‘shoe’ storage chest that I got at ikea. You may have seen me mention it last summer when I got it, but it’s so great- it only sticks out like 5”, and fits 12×12 paper and even bulkier items perfectly—yet looks so nice and clean! It’s fabulous!

When my new products came in, I had to figure out how to store them so they were easy to find!  i cleaned-out & rearranged some drawers to make a solution for the new bow ties, no limits stix, sugar chic sticks, and other embellies.

The ‘banner delights’ were a bit of a challenge since they are 12” long and sometime snag on each other. I repurposed a long kitchen utensils tray that used to have my alpha stamps in it. it holds the banner delights perfectly!

While we were at the CHA show, there were a number of people that mentioned that the Memory File box would be great for ‘storage’ of supplies, photos, children’s art and other stuff… and I have to admit, that NEVER once had I considered the thought of ‘storing supplies’ in it… but it’s a great idea!

I actually took one set of the Sugar Chic folders, and in pencil only, I wrote what product was in each folder and then stuck them in the compartments- it’s the greatest thing! So easy to get out, and put away- and even take with me on the road!  The box is so pretty, it looks great… and is so functional! I love it!

The biggest trick is to store stuff how it makes sense to you; and prioritize it from what you use the MOST to what you use the least!  I like it to be as easy to put back, as it is to get out! I think that it makes such a big difference to feel like you know where things are, and where they go!

I am still trying to figure out what makes the most sense for clear stamps…if you have a great idea, I’d love to see/hear about it! post a note or photo on my facebook page!! Happy Monday!


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