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Hello everyone and welcome to the LAST day of January.

Say…what?! I know.

It is just a bit crazy.

Especially since it seems like yesterday when I shared with you all a few weeks back my planner hack and plan for 2022, (of which was not even started at that time).

Well, since it is actually one month later I thought it would be fun to share how it has been going.

I am proud to report….pretty darn good!

These Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapters planner inserts (that are available now at JoAnn Stores and JoAnn online) have become my little companion and right hand man for taking on this new year.

This planner really has been an exercise and new habit of mindfulness for me.  While that was not the “initial plan”, it is interesting how things can easily take on a life of their own sometimes.  When this happens…we just have to trust it!  So with that I thought I would share how I am using this planner to practice mindfulness and and different tips and ways you can in your planner as well!






















One way that I have been implementing a mindfulness practice is by bringing this “month at a glance” calendar page to the forefront of my planning.

I have been intentional about noting something daily, an upcoming event, blog/content ideas…current events.  Really anything that can bring me to the present day and give me one little thing to focus, remember and reflect on.

It has also worked to keep me both accountable and on track with tasks that have deadlines and that need to be prioritized.

Daily journaling has been a huge player in my mindfulness routine.  I am committed this year to start expressing my thoughts more freely, and with intention.  Getting them out on paper and noted!  Some weeks I will have a ton to say, other weeks it may just be bullet points, lists and random notes to myself.  I love to have my journal always in the same spot daily, somewhere in my kitchen most often as I can continue to go to it to jot down thoughts, review the day’s plan and even add to the week as things come up.

Mindfulness takes time.  I think that is probably the whole point.  To turn off the auto pilot and dive into deliberate, conscious, intentional mode which takes work!  This really has become another ‘job’ in a way, but it is interesting how much I have actually looked forward to this practice and it has helped to not have me feeling so overwhelmed or unaccomplished.  Some days can feel like one is just treading water but as I look back over the pages I am impressed with just how accomplished I feel.

Mindfulness matters.  And so far I am working on strengthening this like a muscle.

Deliberate daily action, small action daily.

I look forward to sharing with you how this progresses over the year.

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