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my ruffle darling FEATURE!

my ruffle darling FEATURE!

whew… it's a new week, a new month… a new season! all feels good- i had such a great weekend- busy, but great… Every Oct and April  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) have a 2-day General Conference… it's when all the world leaders of the church gather and give their inspired messages- i look forward to these conferences so much- i think it's amazing how perfectly the messages, and counsel match up to the things i am struggling with and need encouragement or counsel on. no matter where you are in the world (almost) you can hear this conf. in your own language- or, shortly after the conference, you can view, read or listen to them on the website. i gave myself license to SIT and LISTEN, and i didn't even 'multi-task'… can i just tell you that i feel renewed, and strengthened! spiritual health and strength is so critical to my physical function as well as my creative capabilities! i was reminded of some really important things- and also thankful for the little glimpses of personal insight that i gained as i listened. Certainly am feeling the love of a Heavenly Father and Savior that knows me and answers my prayers.  - i just have to express my gratitude for all that goes into that… and for the blessing it is in my life!


i am not sure if you have had a chance to see and get your hands on the new House of 3 "parisian anthology" line- from what i hear, it's selling out FAST everywhere! (big smiles) i have been playing and creating some little videos that give some ideas on cool things to do with these products. they are SO amazingly interesting  and versatile! it is impossible for me to pick a "favorite" thing in the line, cause frankly, it's ALL inspiring!- and it's just the kind of thing that i like- where it can be used over and over, for so many applications! this is a photo of a crown that i created for the summer show…  i was photographing it to feature the 'ruffled darlings'.  this is what you get in a package

 (sorry for the small photo!) but you get 3 15" ruffles… in 3 colors… they are not self adhesive- that allows you to put them on all kinds of projects…  as i have said for the past several months, i can't even finish a project without putting a ruffle on it! it's just NOT complete w/out a little 'frill' (they call ruffles frills in Australia)… can i share a couple examples?  just to get your creative brain in motion?  ok… here is just a couple ideas on layouts… of course, highlighting photos! in fact, 3 layouts; all 3 colors! 

Picture 5
  on this layout- i also used one of the 'flower darlings' from the collection… but see how there is only like 3 1/2" of ruffle on this page.. that is because the other 12" are what i used above on that crown that Capri is wearing-  i think that the biggest surprise i had when i first got my hands on these was how awesome it is Glimmer Misted! (and not just the white!!) i glimmer misted the ruffle on the crown w/ Mustard Seed… i get questions already about attaching: glossy accents, hot glue, tiny attacher, sewing machine- that is my top 4.

so… lets keep going! what about cards? 

Picture 6 

the fabulous Janet Hopkins created this one, and used a little Chalkboard Glimmer mist to make the grey ruffle even more grey! (oh, how she loves grey!) both of these feature the 'fold over ruffle' technique..  that hides/tucks inside… (notice how the paper used in the card below is the same paper used on my crown above… ) oh, and you might notice that there are some of the little DANGLES also featured on both these cards… cute. cute.

Picture 8 

paper crafting is only the beginning! what about something you could WEAR? leave it to Rhonna... the accessory queen!  flower darlings and ruffle darlings create the elements for this necklace, along with the unique starburst embellishments… (you can see these on top of my crown too!)


and while you could just buy a flower, you can also MAKE one! just like Rhonna did here:

and i still love this one too!

i took the grey ruffles and colored them w/ pinkish (tutti fruity to be exact) glimmer mist to adorn the cardboard dress form… how cute is this? i do love it.

SO, there you have it.. my Ruffle Darling Feature!! come back tomorrow while i show off one of the other fabulous pieces… 

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