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My SPOOKY Halloween Front Porch

My SPOOKY Halloween Front Porch

Hello, hello, everyone!

Happy Thursday!

I can’t even believe we’re only a few weeks away from Halloween!

Have you finished decorating yet?

I just got my porch all finished…and I’m LOVING IT!

I’ll show you the final result in a second…but first I want to show you the main components…










The new Heidi Swapp “BEWARE” neon sign,  the adorable “SPOOKY” banner, and the fantastic little “BAT” garland (not shown)…all available right now in select Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores!

Now…I knew I wanted to hang my decorations up outside, so I decided to make them a little more weather-proof (Midwest autumns can be cold and WET)…so I grabbed my Minc and laminated all of my banner & garland pieces!

Easy peasy!


Our Halloween front porch with Heidi Swapp Hocus Pocus | Maggie Massey for Heidi Swapp

Wait…you didn’t know you could use your Minc as a laminator, too?

Well, you can!

I just put piled as many pieces as I could into a Minc Lamination pouch, placed them into the transfer folder,  ran them through my machine (on setting #3), cut the pieces apart, and repeated until I had all of my pieces laminated.

NOTE: I laminated each of my banner pieces (the letter flag & the striped background flag) separately in case I wanted to use them again in a different way. You can save a bunch of lamination pouches by laminating the two together if you choose.

And the rest was easy!

I used the black string that was included in the “SPOOKY” banner kit to string & hang my banner, and a length of baker’s twine to hang my bats.

I was going to use the light strand included in the BAT garland, but decided against it because I wasn’t using all of my bats for this project.

I added the Orange Neon Wire to my BEWARE sign, and attached that to the basket holding one of my mums.

I love the way my hanging decorations look! And I especially love that they will now make it through the next few weeks without me having to take them in at night…

Thanks so much for taking a look! I hope I’ve inspired you to grab your MINC Foil Applicator Machine and take some of your indoor paper decorations, outdoors!

Supplies | Hocus Pocus Garland – Bats, HS Neon – Beware, Hocus Pocus Banner – Spooky, HS Neon Wire – Orange, Minc Foil Applicator, Minc Lamination Pouches (online only)

All items available at select Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

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