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My Top Five for 2020

My Top Five for 2020 by Jamie Pate for Heidi Swapp

My Top Five for 2020

Over the course of time the Heidi Swapp Media Team posts assignments here on this blog to support product ideas, holiday celebrations, and mostly, story telling ambitions. To share some insider information, each of the three team members create six posts a month. Some of those posts are found here on the blog. Some are assigned to post on our personal blog. I hope you are following each of the team in order to be inspired by their amazing and constant creativity.

Six posts a month makes for seventy two posts a year from each of the team. Which makes for 216 posts in total that we have shared with you just in 2020 alone. That’s a lot of ideas. That’s a lot of inspiration. That’s a lot of making.

As I was thinking about my last post for 2020 I honestly was not sure what to make. What new idea could I share here on the blog? As I very often do, I consult with my team members in the form of ‘Help…I don’t know what to do next!!’ At least it’s something like that. Very often what happens next is that they will just start shooting ideas at me. Which then simply prompts my thinking once again. If you don’t have people in your life to help you when you need it, I highly suggest you find some. They can be life savers, that’s for sure.

The idea I came up with and then had confirmed by another team member who then said the very thing I was thinking, was to share my top 5 projects from the year. You know, like a Time Magazine best of kind of idea.

Next, I consulted my Instagram feed for the top liked projects. I figured that was scientific enough. That was my standard to decide what you all thought was good, pretty stuff that I had made this past year.

Without further ado, My 2020 Top Five Most Loved Projects:


My Top Five for 2020 by Jamie Pate for Heidi Swapp

Should it be any wonder that a MemoryDex should top the top five? Actually, three of the top five are MemoryDex. You, my friends, love the MemoryDex cards. Which makes me so happy. While it is not strictly story telling, it is paper crafty. That alone should represent 2020 when so many of us were home and turning to crafts more than ever to fill our time and hone our energy.

This card was just such an easy card to make. The white top layer with the leaf cut out was an off cut from a previous project. With so many of my ideas, I simply pick them up from off the table and go with the next idea. It’s not only a great creative challenge to use what is right in front of you, but it almost also turns into something very rewarding. So here’s to the layered card cut-out MemoryDex card number one.

You can find the above MemoryDex post HERE.


My Top Five for 2020 by Jamie Pate for Heidi Swapp

Top five project number two was also a MemoryDex card. With the availability of the Blush MemoryDex Spinner this fall, its true that the concept of the MemoryDex had a real resurgence. It’s also obvious that we all could just not be happier.

This card was a beauty to make. I took vellum and used a stencil to add Minc Texture Paste that was then foiled with my always favorite Champagne Foil. This then became a pocket on the MemDex Card that I sewed to pattern paper. The pocket is then stuffed with tags and notes and that Count Your Blessings sentiment, (another huge focus of mine this 2020).


My Top Five for 2020 by Jamie Pate for Heidi Swapp

Project number three…yep, you guessed it…MemoryDex! This post was a series of cards I did for ScrapbookCom, who also just so happen to sell the Blush Spinner exclusively. So grab that beauty there. I used pink and glitter paper from the Storyline Chapters Paper Line to craft Christmas-ey and festive snowflake cards. I loved how these turned out. It would seem they really inspired you too.

You can find the above MemoryDex blog post HERE.


My Top Five for 2020 by Jamie Pate for Heidi Swapp

We turn a little corner with top five project number 4: this post was also inspired by a poll I put out . This time instead of asking my team members ‘what the heck to I make next?’ I asked you on my Instagram feed. Always open to what it is you are looking to be inspired by, I was given the idea of a stuffed pocket. I went to make my own stuffed scrapbook  pocket page. You can find the process video HERE for your viewing and making pleasure. As a matter of fact, I am sure it’s about time to make another one on a variation.

This project combines both fun and interesting paper crafting with storytelling, which by the way, is my all time favorite thing to create (next to the MemoryDex of course). I hope you are inspired to make a couple of these yourself.


My Top Five for 2020 by Jamie Pate for Heidi Swapp


The last top five project of 2020 I shared with you lovely crafting friends was this What the Scrap Mixed Media book. Again, this was inspired by a whole lot of scraps of paper I had in my Color Fresh box. You can still find this collection at JoAnn. You can see that post HERE. It honestly came from all kinds of sizes of off cuts of paper I had in my stash. I embellished some pages. Journaled on some pages. Kept some pages as I found them. This art journal of sorts was so much joy to craft. But I have to say I was immensely gratified by how well it was received by you all. Again, hope this found you inspired to make your own. Use those scraps!!!

Friends, that’s a wrap! 2020 is one for the books. While there is plenty of hard to look back on from this year, many losses, many struggles, many things we could never have imagined, at the same time there is so much good too. I believe we create the good in our life as well as acknowledge the good that we seek. I also believe that exercising our creativity brings a lot of that good right to the forefront. I for one will keep telling my story, crafting my ideas, and connecting with you all as you will have me.

Thank you for participating in the process. As always my only hope is that you are inspired to make. And let’s create our own happy and beautiful New Year.

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