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My VLOG is Here!

New Heidi Swapp Vlog behind the scenes at the black light Lightbox Glow photoshoot with @heidiswapp

My VLOG is Here!

I can remember back when I first started my little journey of product design and education, everything had to be communicated in magazine articles; I am talking before BLOGS and social media! It wasn’t even THAT long ago! OH, the changes and evolution that we have seen in just the last 18 years since I started teaching and developing products for creative pursuits! Video has become such a HUGE part of what we do all the time, and whether it’s in a studio, on a Facebook or Instagram LIVE… I love being able to SHARE my ideas and my process with you! I love the connection that can be created for so many reasons using video!

Recently I decided that it would be fun to create a series of videos that were a little more “behind the scenes” style… I guess more of a “VLOG” style video. These will take you to real events and stuff that I have going on – and give you a look at how I am using the products I develop and create in real life situations! They also give you a taste of my day! My goal is to have a new “episode” each week…they won’t be perfect; in fact, you will see what sometimes goes WRONG! I hope they will make you laugh! And get to know me and my family, a little more personally as well! They are SHORT and sweet, and I hope you will take a peek! I would love to hear what you think, and even what you would like to see more of!

This first episode was filmed a couple months ago when we were photographing the LIGHTBOX GLOW for the first time! You have seen some of the amazing photos we took that day…but you will get a good chuckle out of what it took to make that happen!

Click play NOW!

In the second video, you will see behind the scenes of me prepping for a segment on KSL Studio 5 re-creating the Love Notes book I created for Julianne Hough’s bridal shower! I hope you enjoy!

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