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my weakness

my weakness

of course we all have weaknesses. those things that we just can’t help but indulging ourselves with despite the fact that we know it’s bad.
i have a weakness that has gotten worse throughout my pregnancy- and i thought that maybe it would go away after i had the baby…
my most vulerable times are late at night, and sunday afternoon.

choc. chip cookies.

this is not a new weakness. it’s been fostered since i was young. every sunday i would make choc. chip cookies– that is until my little sister was old enough to take over about the time that i went to college. frankly, she became better than me at making choc. chip cookies. i love her cookies. my dad likes coconut and nuts added… not me. i like semi-sweet chips.. that’s all.

not just any cookie will do. certainly NOT a store bought cookie.
not even a bakery made cookie… although, i do enjoy PARADISE cookies. (i enjoy everything at Paradise Bakery). i have become quite the choc. chip cookie snob over the years. and particularly since i have been preg. with capri. i crave them. often, it’s the only thing that tastes good to me. while i was pregant… i didn’t feel so bad… and now, i am never going to get back into my clothes if i don’t quit making cookies twice a week. seriously.

i love them warm- right out of the oven. but after they cool… i put them in a zip-lock bag and into the freezer. for awhile, this was my strategy for hiding them from the kids. and now… i just love frozen cookies. now even the kids love frozen cookies. i like to eat them for breakfast… and as midnight snacks. i made a batch tonight and, if i do say so myself–tonight: perfection. delicious.
so good.
i have to figure out how to break the habit.
it’s not like i can replace the craving with carrot sticks. or grapes..
so…for now, it remains a weakness…


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