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nashville TN

nashville TN

Once again, I have failed miserably to keep my blog current! I am typing from the Nashville Gaylord hotel. I just got all my bags packed and stuff compiled and have gauged the weight of each one… and in my ‘seasoned-traveller’ estimation, think that I am right on the brink of 50lbs (the limit) with all 4 pieces. (yikes). I have everything in here from pancake mix to books to compendium books and printer ink for my big Epson! (thanks guys!) I even have a stock-pile of bazzill bling and trail mix! Truth is, my bags are not FULL, I could fit WAY more into them! But… they are heavy. I can tell.
Quincy and I flew into PHX on Tuesday afternoon where I was lucky enough to get my hair done, and eat some choice Mexican, and make a sweet J-crew purchase…among other things! we were able to see ‘grammy swapp’ and catch some comfortable. Wednesday morning, after we visited her old 1st grade class, and returned Flat Stanley…(it was so cute, the kids were all so excited to see quincy, and really enjoyed asking her tons of questions about life in China- she felt loved, and SO sad to leave!) we flew to Charlotte and after delays and a cancellation- finally got to Nashville LATE. We slept in until about 2pm, and did necessary preparations for my 2 days of teaching Friday and Saturday at the Scrap ETC event. I have had a great time! SO MANY familiar faces! Monique had invited to me to teach 2 classes: one a lecture and the other a project… so I decided to tie the two together…the first day we created a super intense little mini-book using a new-not-yet-released product (a mirror-mini-album)! It was the first time I was able to teach with my new papers… so cute, I loved playing with it all!  The second day, we finished off the project by adding in quotes and tabs and I gave a spiel about ‘to your heart be true”… interestingly enough, I was able to invite a woman named: Amanda Hudson to sing a song she wrote that tied in perfectly with my message. It was really amazing, other than it was quite emotional (typical me). She sang throughout the event, and it was so cool to have her talent as a resource. It really added an awesome dimension to the class. I taught 4  2-hour rounds yesterday, and 4 2-hour rounds today, and I am exhausted! My eyes are burning. I haven’t been much of a sleeper since I have been here… hoping that quincy and I will just sleep the return trip away!
Sending out a special thanks to everyone here at the event! I totally LOVE visiting the South! And thanks to all of your behind the scenes people that went to tremendous effort to make sure I had all that I needed! I met so many awesome people! It’s one of my favorite things to connect with scrapbookers from everywhere.  It was so fun to bring quincy! She was so sweet and so cute. I just love having a sweet little daughter. It was so funny, she pretty much fell asleep everywhere… I can’t post any photos, but I will have to- poor little thing, the jet lag is so hard to deal with! unless you just completely defy it! and go the NO-sleep route, which is my strategy!
So now, 5am, we are back to the airport, and on our way home to Beijing!
I am reminded how much I love to teach, and share ideas. I am thankful for that opportunity to do every so often. Every time I do, I feel like I learn so much!
Thanks for having us Scrap ETC!

this is a little shot of the class that i taught at the show.  janet and i will be on our way to S. Africa  in a week or so, and this is the same project that we’ll be working on… turned out cute. it was pretty stressful putting it all together, but i think that most people had it all put together for today’s class… so that was good!
ok, i am falling asleep at the wheel!

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