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memory file as travel art journal

memory file as travel art journal

Have you met Nathalie Kalbach? She is an amazing artist with an infectious enthusiasm for life, art, paper crafts and mixed media. Nathalie is warm and sweet and always has a huge smile on her face. I love that her enthusiasm for life always shows up in her projects.

Nat’s style is really different from mine, and she is a self-described ‘mixed media’ junkie… so I was really interested to hear what she thought of my new line! We caught up at CHA, and I was able to show her through the whole collection, and I loved her excitement! She mentioned that she was writing for a Magazine in Germany—and wondered if I would be willing to send her home with a few samples…

I showed her my ‘vision’ for the Memory Files, and told her to come back at the end of the show and I’d set aside a few items to send her home with. During those 3 days, she came up with a plan and described it to me as a ‘travel-art-journal’ approach to the Memory Files.

I absolutely LOVE the journey as seen through her eyes, her camera and her words.

I like how she turned the first file folder (the cover) inside-out, to expose the bright blue color for the outside, and reserve the white/ledger paper for in inside, and easy-to-read for tons of journaling!

You can see that she used the map folder on the inside, and sewed the 2 folders together right down the middle to construct the simple ‘album’ Memory File. This gives a total 3 ‘spreads’ for documenting and photos.

I love the casual feel. It feels like a journal entry! I like how all the photos have a different feel, and personality that was created by applying different filters—which I am sure has meaning for Nat.

I think she liked the File folder labels… what do you think? Looks like she also loved the Color Magic banner delights, and buzz words…outlining the buzzwords with black ink! Looks cool!

What a great use for a Memory File! I like that I really feel Nat took me along for the ride! THANK YOU so much Nathalie, for sharing your talent and your passion! You are AWESOME!

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