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Neighborhood Witch CRAFTING 2018

Neighborhood Witch CRAFTING 2018

so I have this friend named Libby, and she is OBSESSED with Halloween! just ask ANYONE who knows her! she ALSO loves to entertain, especially around Halloween… she LOVES to decorate her ENTIRE home with her vast collection of Halloween stuff, and she loves to show it off! a few years ago she started a “WitchCrafting” party tradition, and I must say… it’s gotten a little out of control! and I love it!  i have to share her amazing invitations (and how she used the MINC foiling machine), the fun project we created… and our triplicate Halloween costumes!

WEEKS AGO… I got this invitation delivered to my doorstep:

how cute is this “SAVE THE DATE” invite? this year the theme of Libby’s holiday decor was ‘haunted Circus’, and I love how she carried a bit of that into her invite. she wanted to add everyone’s names, so she printed each person’s name onto the black smooth cardstock using her laser printer, and then used WHITE Minc foil to make it pop!

on the back of the invite was a little photo of the 2 different projects she was offering, and gave us all a chance to pick which one we wanted to create! she also added a small fee to cover her costs for the supplies! this was brilliant, because she wanted to have something that everyone would love, but it would have just been too expensive… of course we were all HAPPY to pay the $15, and excited we got to make our favorite! it was also so smart of her to have the selections before hand, so that she knew what she needed to prep! this little photo was on the back of the invite…

as promised, a couple weeks later, the “real invite” arrived on my porch:

(did I mention how much I love getting surprises on my porch?)

Libby had really out done herself with this “Creature Survival Kit”… and personalized?? (not to mention I think she made 50 or so of these!) She was back at it again with the white foil and the Minc machine for the inside piece… also included was a little booklet that gave further instructions and information about the Witch Craft evening, but it also explained the contents of the survival kit. I know she had so much fun making these! she claimed “it didn’t take that long” LOL


I mean… hello! I love it so much! how fuN! the big night of Witch Crafting finally arrived last night! (note: she hates to leave anyone out, but can’t fit everyone in her house at once, so she actually hosts this party over  TWO NIGHTS!) every one of the these witches is a dear friend of mine, so I had the best time catching up with friends, eating delicious food, and of course “making spooky stuff”… **big thanks to my son, Colton, who came over and climbed to the tippy top of a ladder to capture this epic WITCHY photo!**  I really do love these women so much!

so an epic party calls for a great costume… and TBH, I love to dress up to the point of *almost* being unrecognizable! this year my friends Emily, Brenda and I  decided to base our costume on a ‘Wednesday Addams’ vibe, and put our own spin on it! we decided to choose our own story of being spooky LIBRARIANS at a Haunted public library… (not based on anything… just our imaginations!) I created 2 1/2″ buttons that said “GRIMBROOK PUBLIC LIBRARY STAFF”. I printed the background on my inkjet printer, and then printed the wording on my Laser printer, and then added green foil using the Minc Machine! (very handy machine indeed!)

we each bought matching black braided wigs from the Spirit store, striped leggings and extreme false lashes! we also had to scurry about to find a LipSense dealer that had “Blackberry” in stock! While I was at the Spirit store, I picked up a flyer for a “Halloween Contacts” seller nearby and decided that would be the perfect addition to the look!

creepy indeed! (I wore contacts for several years, so they were really easy for me to get in and didn’t bother me at all! Emily had never used contacts, so it took a hot minute to get them in… but TOTALLY WORTH IT)

the only thing better than one really great costume is TRIPLETS!!! we had so much fun dressing up alike! I mean, you would be totally SCARED to come and check out a book!!

I don’t claim to be much of a make up artist… LOL! but contouring on fleek!! am I right?? and Libby NAILED the albino look from Greatest Showman for sure!

the answer is yes, she has to move all her regular furniture out to bring in all the seating for the ‘magic’ to happen!

the witches all did an amazing job creating their own DIY wood sign using the pre-cut vinyl pieces as stencils!

I really should have taken more photos of her Halloween decor… tis’ tremendous!  but here’s the thing that I really wanted to say about this amazing party… it’s SO WORTH IT to bring people together! just listening to the laughter, and all the chatter… it just made me so happy! Libby managed to make everyone feel so special- from the invites, to the project… the experience was UNFORGETTABLE!  it takes EFFORT! and planning…and energy and LOVE. but I just think that this is what we can all use a little more of! it DOES NOT require months of Halloween set up, or over the top Minc’d invitations to gather the people in your life that you love and spend time together. In this over digitized, social media-ized world that we are living in… we might “know” what is going on in our friends/family/neighbors lives because we saw their POST on insta or FB… but we still NEED the human interaction! we need to look at each other in the eyes, and smile and CONNECT! I am so thankful for a friend like Libby that understands this truth, and thrives on creating this experience for the women she loves! I hope as YOU read this… you feel a little inspiration and NUDGE to gather your people. might be just ONE other person, might be 50? doesn’t matter… doesn’t have to be fancy, or even CRAFTY! just gather. CONNECT. talk. CONNECT. laugh. CONNECT. and be there for each other. we all need this in our lives! if this doesn’t exist around you… CREATE IT! someone has to make the effort, and it might as well be YOU!

to THANK Libby for being so EXTRA, we totally whipped up this custom door mat just for her! she was pretty stoked about it! I’m telling you… crafting makes people happy! no matter if they are coming or going! Craftiness is Happiness!


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