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NEW 'Create to Remember': Circle Journal

NEW 'Create to Remember': Circle Journal

Welcome to Wednesday! Which means that a new episode of my show on My Craft Channel airs!  Today’s show is all about the concept of  ‘Circle Journals’ – have you ever participated in a Circle Journal? The idea is that you combine with a few of your creative friends, and each person in the ‘circle’ group creates some kind of book… and then according to some time frame, you decorate/embellish/art-up a page, and send it on it’s way.  As your book makes it around the ‘circle’ (it could just be 2 people…or 10!) each time you receive a new book, it’s just a thrill to see what other people have created as well as figure out something awesome to contribute to it!

This week’s episode walks you through how to construct a fab ‘Circle Journal’ using file folders.  Whether you use Color Magic folders, manilla folders, mini folders… vintage chic folders… they are the perfect foundation for a cool journal.  Check out the video to see how I constructed this circle journal really quickly – also you could put the folders together with a binding machine or even simply with book rings or even tied together. Today i show you how mine even has a little secret interactive pocket…

As I mentioned in the show, today I am sending this Circle Journal off to the ‘circle’ of my Media Team. They have become my most creative friends! We’ll be sharing it as it makes it’s journey! I can’t wait to show yoU!

Yesterday on my blog, I talked about how critical it is to PLAY and experiment creatively! Participating in a Circle Journal is such a fabulous way to connect and interact and be inspired! Through the online community in classes, and even facebook/instagrame etc… we have this unique opportunity to meet people from throughout the world… get a circle journal group together! and have fun PLAYING!


I’d love to see what you make!



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