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New day, new week..and I am walking on sunshine…

New day, new week..and I am walking on sunshine…

New day, new week..and I am walking on sunshine…after an
amazing weekend has landed me back in Phoenix for the day to get some work
DONE, and off my plate.



I wish I could adequately describe what the place is like
where I spent my weekend…it blew my mind…. SO I was contacted by Yvonne Blair
forever ago, and she told me that she and a friend were opening a scrapbook
store near Orlando, and would I come for the Grand Opening… we picked this
date- the store was called “She Scrapbooks”… of course I love that! as I got
off the freeway and drove to the city center of  ‘the villages’, I was amazed… GORGEOUS! i didn’t really
understand what ‘the villages’ was until I got there- it’s only the biggest
retirement community on the planet. 73,000 active adults own homes there…and
drive golf carts around.  They play
all day and it seemed like they played all night! I couldn’t get over how HAPPY
everyone was…living their second childhoods for sure! You have to be at least
55 or married to 55+ to live there. In the vicinity residents have access to
like 40+ gold courses, along with everything else you could possibly need or
want, with no reason to drive any further than your golf card could carry you.
and of course, there are SCRAPBOOKERS!! (lots of them). They told me there are
about 8 different scrapbook groups, and while the men golf, the girls scrap! That
sounds like golden years to me! the best way I could describe it to my hubby
was that people were just sitting around being happy! It was awesome,
delightful and infectious! I loved it. great atmosphere… I think that aside
from the wonderful, warm women that I taught and can now call friends…i was
inspired to improve in the way that I take care of my health, and wellness so
that when I am in that age bracket, I can PLAY!! Lol. It was very cool… (if you
are in that category, and trying to decide a great place to move for the winter
months… check it out!).






I taught 5 classes and I met so many different women! thank
you SO much for inviting me to come and be a part of the fun down south. I can’t
wait to come back again! I will defiantly schedule a day to enjoy- these days, I
am booking my flights SO tight… so I can get in and get back- it’s crazy. I will
admit to being completely exhausted, and even through it’s Monday morning, I am
dragging, and wishing I could go right back to bed. My vocal cords are SO
tired.  Talk. Talk. Talk.  HUGE cyber hugs to all of you!  Congrats to you Stephanie and Yvonne…
your store is BEAUTIFUL, and the vibe is warm and welcoming. I LOVED it all!
Ranger and Tim Holtz fans, they are STOCKED- as well as Twilight fans… they
have custom made Twilight die cuts in stock as well- SO cute!! (team Edward all
the way).

I can’t thank you enough. i enjoyed meeting  you aLL!


So-new week. so full. So much to do- I can’t believe that
THANKSGIVING is only like 2 weeks away. I have officially switched gears into
CHRISTMAS, and that is WEIRD…maybe when I get back to the snow in SLC, it will
all set in! but for today, I am loving the SUNNY phoenix weather… have a great,
fabulous, productive week!

Focus on drawing ENERGY into your life, and be very
selective about where you spend it. make it count!

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