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NEW episode: Adding Memory Files to a 12×12 page!

NEW episode: Adding Memory Files to a 12×12 page!


Guess who is here in Utah visiting me?! Rebecca Cross, the owner of Pink Paislee! She and the 2 men in her life.. (husband Barry and cutie son Connor) flew in today for a few days! They have never been to SLC, and it’s so fun to show them around, and take them to my favorite restaurants! So much fuN!

ok, also today… check out my newest episode on My Craft Channel!  This week I talk about incorporating Memory Files right ONTO a scrapbook page!  Today I show you one of my favorite scrapbook pages which I created a memory file book right onto a 12×12 page…

We had wanted to take our kids to Arches for a couple years, and we wound up jumping in the car SPUR of the moment, and it was the most BEAUTIFUL day! I took SO many photos! And I wanted to include them into my project. You’ll have to watch and see my trick for putting this page inside a sheet protector, and still be able to look through the pages.

In this episode, I show you how I use my Sewing Machine to put it all together, but I have also discovered another option! I am sure you have seen the “long reach stapler”…well I just bought one for myself, and it’s PERFECT for creating Memory File books.



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