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NEW heidi swapp WEBSITE (finally)!

NEW heidi swapp WEBSITE (finally)!

I am so happy that we finally have a WORKING and FUNCTIONAL “Heidi Swapp” website!!  www.heidiswapp.com  It’s been a LONG time coming! – so… let me be the first to WELCOME you! Creating a new website is a lot of work! I am so thankful for those who have put so much time and energy into getting the site this far! (elizabeth) This website will ALWAYS be a “work in progress”… my vision is that it will be in constant evolution as we explore and find new ways to share, educate and inspire using Heidi Swapp products!heidisite

The home page will always be the newest and freshest stuff! Each image will have quick links to videos, blog posts, collection pages and info about new products! The slider images are all clickable… as well as the different images in the collage. I have had so much fun working with my “visual specialist” Susan Haglund to style and capture these beautiful images!


We have not had a “Heidi Swapp” blog for over six months!


Maybe you have even come and wondered what was up!! I am SO thrilled to have a blog again! This makes it so much easier to share and explain stuff! Between my Media Team and myself, there will be a new post every weekday! You are going to love the large images and easy-to-access format! Be sure to check out the side bar – we get lots of questions about locating “freebies” and what printer I use with the Minc! Hopefully these quick links will be helpful!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.21.11 AMOne of my biggest GOALS for this website is to make it SIGNIFICANTLY easier to find video tutorials for all my products! Keep in mind, it will take us awhile to load this Video Library with all my video content… but it’s going to be AWESOME! As I create new videos… they will find a happy home in easy-to-find categories! We are always trying to get better at communication via video! Making them more accessible is part of that process! YAY!


The Heidi Swapp product lines are GROWING and we are expanding into new product categories all of the time!


This will be a comprehensive listing and summary of entire product offerings according to collection (this will also take us more time to get everything loaded). My goal is to provide necessary info, as well as alternative images and links for each product. If you are looking for a specific product – you will be able to grab the item number here and google to find it!

The Ebook link will take you to past e*idea books and catalogs. Again this is a good resource for info and ideas!


The About Page stressed me out! It’s hard to try to summarize yourself! If you are new here… I hope it will give you a little insight into me and my family! Family is everything to me! My job and this brand really is an extension of my regular daily life… you will find that I share equal parts product ideas and info… and personal goings-on…


I always say that “it takes a village” to do what we do in the Heidi Swapp brand. I am blessed to work with the most amazing creatives out there! I would love you to go and “meet” my team! The ladies on my Media Team have been helping to spread the pretty message since the beginning! They are amazing and they inspire me everyday! In the past 4 years, they have become some of my best friends! My Team of professionals at American Crafts are absolutely fantastic and are so much fun to work with! Everyone that is pictured on this page has been part of creating this site… as well as every Heidi Swapp product that you can pick up off a shelf! They are pushing themselves and I have seen so much personal growth in each one of them!


We push pretty hard everyday to meet the demands and opportunities! I feel incredibly blessed to have such an amazing group of women to work with! In addition to this group, I also have the privilege of working with so many dedicated and hard working individuals at American Crafts. It’s a massive operation there! The sourcing group, the sales team, the photography and video departments …customer service and support… the logistics and accounting teams! I am deeply grateful for all of the support and amazing effort by American Crafts to grow the Heidi Swapp brand.

Of course the website also allows Wholesalers to access their accounts – and will provide a place for you to contact us and ask questions as needed!


This is just the beginning! and i do request your patience as we work hard to get EVERYTHING loaded up and functioning!  I do hope you will visit often! As you follow me, and my team – we will be sure to give you daily updates on what’s new!! SO… make sure you are following on facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest… as we all MAKE PRETTY STUFF!!!






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