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new week: summer!

new week: summer!

Delighted to be home!

*missed the kids… well, missed a lot this weekend! Busy making it up!!

*cleaning house/ doing laundry

*getting a fitness evaluation (do I want to know?)

*sleepin in my own bed…

*thinking about father’s day… just a few days away

*happy to see NOTED growth in my tomato plants

*all unpacked- and put away…

*planning food for the week, need to shop

*haircut tomorrow YIPEE

*new website brainstorming

*plans for a re-vamp of my studio set up. Needs an overhaul!!



Nothing like that super-high-energy feeling you get from having a few days away, and a few full nights rest. Feels great. In the midst of the plane rides, and full-on event action, I did have a chance to journal, and think and ponder and plan. Lots to orchestrate. Exciting things! It’s such a huge blessing to be removed from the upcloseness of everyday overwhelm, and look at things from a distance- peel back the non-essentials and be reminded of order of importance, and make sure that those line up with both the ‘priority list’ and the ‘things I really want to do’ list.  I was even glad for a chance to read a few uplifting and motivating/inspiring magazine articles to give me stuff to think about , and ways to tackle changes that need to be made.


The journal I am using right now started one year ago- it was interesting to read about the things I was VERY concerned about, and the things I saw as problems, – things I was really praying about, and working to overcome. As I took the time to read my BARELY legible scribble handwriting, much of what was written as tears poured down my face- I kinda just marvled at the many, many miracles and blessings, and ways that things have worked out!  I was wondering if I felt like I was progressing- or just in a stall pattern- everyday I feel like I am equally behind as I was when I woke up, just for different reasons. I was even asking myself if I had learned anything, or if I was improving. –it’s so important to journal, or maybe you never see your own growth. I have grown in ways that I am very thankful for- and yet continue to struggle, and have additional struggles that are new. I continue to be my worst critic and limit my own willingness to relax. 


I read a good article about ‘letting go’ and ‘lightening up’.  So I am going to really work on that.


For now, really- I am just happy to be home!


Thank you Yamille, for having me—and thank you, those of you who were at the event, and just made my day(s)! the enthusiasm and excitement of that event really re-charged my batteries! And I thank you SO much for that!!


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