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newsy stuff…

newsy stuff…

I am happy to report that I woke up this morning feeling rested. That is after like 4 nights going to bed at the same time as the babies and getting an average of 11 hours of sleep each night.  Recovery, this time, was brutal! i am happy to be feeling back to normal!  (as normal as I get).  Now, despite the fact that I woke up feeling rested, I think that it was an anxiety attack that actually woke me up!
Creative Escape Begins in 36 days 14 hours
I woke up thinking about all the things that were on MY list of to-do’s, that I am behind on. CE is just sneaking right up! The kitting process is well underway! Wow.. they are some amazing, fabulous kits!! Now… if you are coming to Creative Escape… PLEASE PLEASE make sure that you are checking the CE website, and blog every day… there is new information posted every day.. sneak peeks, photo requirements, supply lists. There is a ton of info on there that you need to know! If you don’t know your login, you can email the support address and they will get you the info that you need to get in there. You need to be sure that you have your hotel reservations lined up as well. all that info is on the site. It’s such a beautiful venue.. I am really looking forward to it. I hope that I get a little chance to enjoy it… I am planning on sleeping in on Sunday morning!

Also.. the cute t-shirt is posted, so you can get a pre-order going for that. so cute.

I wanted to also make sure that those of you coming to visit me here in Beijing know about the Yahoo group: beijingwithhs2008. Also, you could contact me by email and I can get you linked up with the moderator. Jim West and I were on last night answering all kinds of  questions and it just made me more excited…you are in for such a treat. Please make sure that ScrapMap has your most current, up to date addresses (like physical address), as I will be sending out your trip kit! We’ll be working on 3 classes/projects while you are here…and you will have a little prep to get out of the way.  as well as a few swaps and other fun preparations that you won’t want to miss out on!! 

And just one more bit of IMPORTANT info… Registration for Create ’08 is just a few short hours away! Be sure to check the Create ’08 blog for registration instructions and other important informations! 

Whew… that was a lot of business-y stuff.. please forgive!

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