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NO wednesday webshow this week!

NO wednesday webshow this week!

woke up to a very wet and rainy Paris… must be sad to see us go! smile…

but i can't wait to get home to my HOME! don't you just love going HOME! it's so nice to have a few days when the only person you have to take care of if yourself, and then you are ready to just get back! although… for me, i only have ONE DAY until we are off and running again to get to CHA. definitely NOT an ideal timing situation, but i am SO thankful to all those who are helping to make this possible. Thanks to LaRane, Cam,Katie and Clark, Cassie, Kiley, Emily and Susan… and a HUGE r e s o u n d i n g thank you goes out to my very supportive and wonderful husband that seems to be able to manage SO much even w/ 5 kiddos, AND be my ROCK! you are the best babe… i love you! i wish you were here. i love to travel with you the most! 

i also owe a HUGE thank you to my 3 oldest children… they have stepped up and filled in and helped so much with the littles it sounds like. we are so blessed by the dynamics of our family…although it seems crazy a lot, somehow, someway… it works!!

Eric has been doing some research and fact finding about the webshow possibilities and we are refining the process a bit…he has learned some cool new tricks!! i can't wait to try them out…HOWEVER, my travel arrangements do NOT get me home in time to broadcast tonight… SO, i will NOT be broadcasting Jan 20. i have to admit, i read my original literary WRONG, and realized only yesterday that i don't get home until late.

I AM SORRY for any inconvenience… but i will be working throughout CHA to bring to you some awesome CHA finds and demos and COOL NEW WEB SHOW FEATURES next week… so PLEASE FORGIVE ME!! it will be worth the wait!!

OUR house of 3 'sweet deal' on the Silhouette is still available through the end of the week! so hurry and take advantage of that! i am working on some NEW bits and pieces for the Silhouette store! and can't wait to share their NEW cool CHA releases! 

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