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It’s late sat night, and I am ready to crash, but thought I’d quickly put up a few photos and observations from today. It was a beautiful day, which we are always so thankful for, and we were out the door at 8am for our ‘green hockey’ tickets. We watched the Chinese beat the South Africans in over-time, so it was a pretty exciting game. We were out by the tennis and archery venues. I think I keep mentioning how beautiful I think that all the graphics, banners, flags, signs, EVERYTHING looks so fabulous… I LOVE the swirls. I LOVE how the color fades into each other, and how they have used different color combos and different crops of the swirl at each different place… it’s just so beautiful I think! The whole thing is just so festive. Eric and Clark went out to Mtn. Biking while the rest of us went home and Katie and I got naps. (much needed). Tonight was their last night in Beijing so we celebrated with a yummy Chinese food dinner at a restaurant called ‘bellagio’. Tasty food. Then got foot massages afterward (heaven)… the room that we were in had 4 chairs and a HUGE big screen tV where we could watch the US women and men clean up in the 4×400 relay… my favorite race. Sweet!Img_8909

Img_8888 Img_8934

Yesterday we did some riding around the city. It’s usually our visitor’s favorite thing to do, and as per-usual… we had a wonderful time! It was a really beautiful day, very clear with blue skies! We did our usual route through the Hutongs and around the Bell and Drum tower and on around the Forbidden City, Tian’amen and the new ‘egg’ which is like the national performing arts building. We grabbed a bite in an area that we had never really explored at a yummy Thai restaurant right on the edge of Bei hai park. it was such a nice evening. We dropped Clark and Katie off at the theater so they could see the acrobats perform, and then Eric took the older kids to IkEA to get a couple chests of drawers for the big move.  FULL days.  It’s SO great having family here to enjoy all this with us. we’ll be sad saying goodbye…we have a big week of moving and transitioning next week, but we are looking forward to a chance to re-organize and clean out!
wish us luck!


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