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not friday!!

not friday!!

I am not ready for this week to be over… I still have so much to squeeze in! I think that my expectations are a little too high, as I have been working my guts out this week. I don’t remember a busier or more productive week however-in a long time! so I am happy about that, I guess that is why I just don’t want to let it slip into the weekend! It’s got me thinking about what makes some weeks so focused and forward in motion and momentum, and what makes some days/weeks just so impossible. Not sure. I have been following some new blogs, and tweets and have learned some interesting new things that are helping!  I have benefited this week by taking the time to read tips on time management, stay-at-home-working tips and positive thinking. I read so many different things that I can’t really link back- should have kept better track, and will in the future, but wanted to share some changes that I made this week.

#1. Got up earlier than my kids. Gave me quiet time to think and get myself going. Put me on MY schedule rather than their tummies! Took time to pray before doing anything else.

#2. Made a prioritized to-do list right before bed for the next day.

#3. Trying to recognize what I DID accomplish, and focus on what DID get done.

#4. Set aside TIME to brainstorm. I love to brainstorm, but it needs to be apart from doing ANYTHING else. I love it when I can get my mind to wander. I am often totally energy charged after I spend focus time thinking of new ideas- and that  happy creative energy moves me in really powerful ways. But getting myself there, especially when everyone is home…and wanting something from me is impossible. This week I took advantage of a couple different times to FOCUS on brainstorming. Both sessions I set out to focus on something specific and emerged with some exciting thoughts. I think I am still bubbling over them.

**I still struggle with staying on task, and working on something through completion.
**I wish I would keep my studio clean as I work, instead of allowing it to look like it does right now. (ugh, you would die!)
**and I wonder if I am more productive if I get up and get showered/dressed or just NOT. I actually LOVE to NOT.


This week at House of 3, we featured a week-long series of a project and inspiration! Today was the last day, so go check out the last look of bringing it all together! We are doing a bunch of giveaways… so go check it out HERE! 

And if you want to play along… here is the magnet board kit that has a million possibilities!

and if you didn't see this… there is still time to create a 'reasons we love dad' kit before sunday! i stole this from Janet Hopkin's blog… it's her book. you can see the start of mine here– hoping to finish it tonight!


  • Lindsay Bateman

    19 June, 2009 at 8:54 am Reply

    Heidi I LOVE your list. Thank you for posting that, and making me think and refocus on some of the things I am struggling with as well. I absolutely LOVE your photo of your magnet board as well as all of the other amazing touches/projects beside it. Completely made me happy!:)
    I LOVE your blog.

  • Danielle

    19 June, 2009 at 9:30 am Reply

    Heidi- thank you for the tips. I try and try to work from home (writing, crafting, selling Tupperware) and I find I’ all over the place. I do feel that I get more done when I actually get dressed and working out first thing in the morning helps too I feel more energized throughout the day. That being said it’s 12:30PM and I’m still in sweats haha!!
    Thanks as always for all of the inspiration!!

  • LenaS

    20 June, 2009 at 1:38 am Reply

    Love what you did with your wall. May i ask where the cool hooks came from please?

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