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not tired

not tired

can you believe i am not tired?
so… thought i’d post. this was today. nothing like scrapbooking that day’s activities that night.
that doesn’t happen very often.
but i love a good 8 1/2 x 11 page.
why do i like it so much? not sure.
but you should do what you like. 

i like that this photo captured the very goofy vibe of our afternoon.
better than the "stop-calling-your-brother/sister-names" vibe i am trying to forget.
that is the good thing about scrapbooking- selective memory keeping! (wink…and you thought you were the only one!)
this  photo is not good either- but you get the idea.
and by the way TIM… i am totally converted to ‘glossy accents’ for my adhesive. good dry time. good consistency. little goes a long way. (where have i been?)

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