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Nourish the Children- donation request

Nourish the Children- donation request

Good morning from Paris…we have a busy day today! However,
my heart is so heavy as I watch the images from the Haiti disaster. Although I
can’t understand what the news anchors are saying on the French stations… the
message that the images carry are universal. My prayers for miracles, comfort,
peace and HOPE for these people have been constant. It’s just beyond my
comprehension- and I am sure like many of you… i have a desire to reach out,
but not really sure how! I have been inspired as I hear of people that are
doing what they can to raise money to donate to relief efforts, and I feel so
thankful for organizations that are already there doing all they can. 

If you remember back in December when Teresa and I put
together the kit to raise money for an organization within Nuskin called
“Nourish the Children”
.  In
conjunction with many scientists and nutritionists, they have developed a
product called “Vitameal”. It’s rich in all the proteins, carbs and fibers that
fill the belly, but it’s also fortified with tons of vitamins, electrolytes and
minerals that are critical to the healing and strengthening of immune systems,
not to mention brain and eye function. Basically, it’s a product that has been
specifically designed for starving, malnourished people.  This organization, is on the ground
running distributing food to these desperate people… $22 buys a bag that feeds
30 people one meal. Obviously, the need is great. This is an organization that
not only does not skim off money for operation, but (Nuskin) donates an additional
25% for every dollar donated. (when we buy 5 bags of Vitameal, they donate 1

I know there are lots of ways to help… I know this is an
AWESOME way to get what is needed straight to the source.

As I mentioned… $22 buys you 1bag of food, and $100 buys 6
(w/ the free bonus bag)!! If you can, please donate!


We are accepting donations and will be forwarding the
proceeds at the end of each day. All you have to do is pay by CC or by Paypal
to [email protected].  SPREAD THE WORD! If you have friends,
or co-workers or anyone that you know that might be willing to donate… this is
an amazing way of reaching the most needy in a way that will give HOPE.. and
together, as we all reach out just a bit, those miracles will be pouring in!

*********UPDATED!*********THANK you to those of you who have donated! so cooL… you can check this out, and order as desired, and find more info here: www.pinkcafe.nsedreams.com


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