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november club heidi…get ready!

november club heidi…get ready!


So i am 14 hours ahead of home… and I woke up to a bunch of emails from people telling me how excited they are about the new club heidi that just went up! It freaked me out, because I guess I have lost track of time a little. I mean, yea- it’s Halloween, and we did the Halloween thing on Saturday night… holy cow, you’d think we were in Any-town, USA! There were SOOO many American kids, well-and kids from ALL OVER there trick or treating. It was amazing. (never mind the fact that I had a really bad attitude and was a super-grouchy mom with the whole thing- the kids had fuN!) I was WISHING that I had that Oct. Club Heidi kit… I LOVE that kit! I LOVE Halloween pages… and I LOVE looking back over the years! So, now that Halloween is over, there are a few more Oct. kits- and they are even marked down a little to make room for the November kits that will be available November 1st at 9am PST (that is THURSdAY) this week.  I was thinking that those marked down kits would make great gifts for those people on your list that you just need to get a little something for! You know- even teachers… so perfect. Comes in a box, you slap some wrapping paper on it… good to go!  Anyway… this month’s kit will launch you into the swirls of holiday prep! Here’s my philosophy this year… START EARLY! (shipping times considered, how long does it take to ship stuff from china? I don’t know!) the question is … WILL I START EARLY? Hmmm. I hope so.  Be sure to check out all the fun inspiring ideas… easy and fun stuff!

this kit has some fun, interesting stuff..  fuzzy rub-ons… i love the red and green tulle. it’s got the brown foto folders… that would make a quick and easy mini book- or even quick holiday cards… and i have to say that you could create a really cute table top frame thing for photos w/ santa!  so cute! and i love that card w/ the glitter stickles!
here go’s… "happy holidays!!"

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