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now to sydney

now to sydney

so it’ s been an amazingly full few days, and i haven’t been a very good blogger, because of the intensity of what has been going on! if you want to see and read about it… you can check out the create ’08 blog.  we have finished both days… the Brisbane and Melbourne events, along w/ the retailer nights. i almost don’t even have a voice left. what an amazing, awesome experience on all counts. dang, i LOVE australia! ok, so check out Create ’08 and also Chanel did a killer post summarizing everything. we have a few photos, and i will try to gather up a few more. i will post the projects soon so you can see how fuN!  but for now, we have to get to the airport… going to Sydney and hopefully doing a bit of Christmas shopping! (how many more days!?) yikes…
Eric is coming with the kids in just 2 days, and i can’t wait to see them all! I was on video chat w/ them last night, and on the video, the babies look so big! i might have to stop calling them babies. oh, they are so sweet… Capri was just talking, talking to me- telling me some long story, that i could only partly understand, and she was talking to Connor in their own little language. it’s so sweet. you know how being away just helps you catch your breath, and look back in on your life, and see things from a bit farther back… makes you realize how blessed you are. The last time i was here in Melbourne, it was a turning point in my life… maybe it’s just this amazing city. it’s got a great vibe. wish we had more time! xoxo

if you are in SYDNEY.. here is where i will be:

There is a new store opening up called SCRAPLOOT,

if you have any questions, you can contact Sue at Scraploot: 02 96883319
the address is: 22 Rowood Road
Prospect NSW 2148……….see you there.

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