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Each day my media team and I share ideas and inspiration all about “Making Pretty Stuff”! We love to create handmade cards, DIY crafts, pretty parties and everything in between! Come join our obsession!

sunday nite.

To all the mom’s out there… I hope you had a wonderful day! that you felt celebrated, appreciated and reminded of your amazing, important and precious role in the lives of your children, husbands and families. I had a great day…it’s been a super busy...


happy birthday Chanel!!

It’s Wednesday morning and I have been trying to keep a good list of my ‘energy in’… *went grocery shopping last night, and we have FOOD in the house! *we have the house at least ½ setteled.*my DESK is set up, and that gives me...


a new week…

I have seriously had the best weekend w/ the girls at By Design in Houston, TX. It’s just exactly what I needed… a weekend of my own hotel room, creativity and GIRL food! ALL the ladies that were in my classes this weekend were...


pretty pictures!

I have a few things that I just want to just mention really quick, then I am off to the store to get all ready for tonight!! I am so excited… Um.. don’t you love these pics… Rhonna took them, and will be posting...



I can’t thank you ALL enough for all your sweet birthday wishes… thanks to all my FB friends too!! Wow… that is so cool to hear from so many of yoU!  THANK YOU!Today is also very special because at www.houseof3.com we have launched our FIRST...


i'm 37

I was totally indulgent today, simply in PREPARATION of my birthday!! I was lucky enough to have a few hours to myself… my sis-in-law Kiley watched the little ones this morning while I ran a couple of errands, and got lost. (amazingly, a lot...


april 27…oh my

Where does the time go!? April has been a blur, no joke… I about fainted when I realized that today was the 27th. Not that I didn’t cram A LOT into this month, but I am feeling like I had a lot more that needed...


welcome to HOUSTON!!!

the winner of the weekend in HOUSTON IS: Is a fat dog heavy? Yes! I can come to Houston. My sister lives there and I have been wanting to go to Tracy's store when I visit my sis - and there is an IKEA there too. Thanks, CindyML Posted by: CindyML...