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Each day my media team and I share ideas and inspiration all about “Making Pretty Stuff”! We love to create handmade cards, DIY crafts, pretty parties and everything in between! Come join our obsession!

friday night

This week flew by! And next week is thanksgiving. Hello- that is a SCARY thought! Not only because it’s inching closer and closer to Christmas, and Christmas stresses me out. but because I have a lot of really serious deadlines. By that I mean, I...


just stuff.

I can’t believe it’s already wed. I mean, seriously, I blinked. Last night we did our last store visit of the year. We were at this cutest store called “Lucky 15”. It really is a find. Meghan, the owner has a real flare…and she...


time for bed.

It’s almost 10pm on Friday night and I am forcing myself to stay up just a little longer. My eyelids are SO heavy and my eyes are very tired. It’s been quite the intense few days. Creative-intense… the best kind. We were seriously productive finishing...


it's a disaster in here…

Ok, going through all the Halloween photos was SOOOO funny! I mean, when we did the summer (water) photo contest… the photos were cute and it was fun to look at, but these were so FUNNY! It was a blast to see them. there are...


Blessing day

Today is one of those days that you hope you always remember… cause it’s one of the significant events- that you celebrate with family. We blessed Capri today. fOr those of you wondering what that means, in my faith (The Church of Jesus Christ of...


catching up

Yikes, It’s Friday and no blogging from me!It’s been a crazy-good week, and moving rapidly into the weekend! We are blessing Capri Sunday, so my mom and dad are coming for that! I have tried to get tons done so that I could spend some...


happy halloween!

So I am a big fan of Halloween. It’s always a huge stress to get all the costumes together, and somehow juggle all the fall carnivals, parties, trunk or treat events and colton’s birthday into everyday life. that is what this weekend was all about....



It’s almost midnight, and I totally have a stomach ache and a headache, and I think a sore throat too.  It’s probably all resulting from the popcorn intake at the drive-in. maybe I can’t blame the sore throat on that. It was colton’s birthday party...


registration is open!

I am so excited.. I just got an email from stacy julian telling me that my class is UP and ready for registration on Big Picture Scrapbooking!  I am just sitting here, working on part of the “welcome package” that students will receive the end...


what's up

so I just went and bought some new running shoes. I am excited. I went with asics again… I always try on a bunch of different shoes, made by different manuf. and then I always end up with asics. I have them on right now…...