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off the boat.

off the boat.

made it.. through the chaos.. through the lines, the baggage, the corridors… and guess what… we had to have our bags all packed and put outside our door by 11pm… which i did no prob… but totally forgot to keep my SHOES OUT of the bag!!
smile… typical me!
anyway… just catching up and went to see what my sweet friend Rhonna has been up to… um hello, you have been busy my friend! you MUST check out her coolest blog ever!
gorgeous! have you figured out how to customize YOUR blog? and i about wanted to CRY when i saw the freaking cutest silhouette images that she made and BLING-ED out with none-other-than MY very own BLING!! birdies, jewel brads and chandalier crystals!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! rhonna… i want to be like you when i grow up! i stole this.. you have to go see it up close, and read about her creativity challenge! i think i might need to play!Picture 1

SLC here i come… dang, it's cold there!!!
safe travels to all you cruisers!!

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