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ok, good night…

ok, good night…


cam and rane FLEW- what we were thinking would be a 5 hour stretch, was only 3.5 hours. in fact, they totally beat us to the check point again- this time the check point was INSIDE the lodge at the base of the Mary trail at Brighton. -both cam and rane were on cloud 9! they had a great segment, and he was ready to bust out w/ his new, fresh pacer -jeff roundy- a guy he knows from work who has done this torture before!
he changed socks and retaped his feet; changed his contacts and took some advil, and busted out w/ a grilled cheese sandwich to go! this was approx. the 75 mile point… so still about a marathon left to complete, with some chilly temps, gnarly altitude and darkness.
we'll see him again at the finish line!



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