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As promised: here is a little flip video that shows EXACTLY
how to make these fun decorative candles…the video is exactly 7 minutes long,
which is kinda too long for a how-to video and quite frankly… I watched it, and
while it’s very informative- and a very clear HOW TO… I look SOOO tired!! I must
be seriously tired. That is all I can say!! In fact, even my speech is tired. my eyes look tired and i HATE to look tired!!  But
to tell you the honest truth, I am TOO TIRED TO RE-DO it, and try to seem
perky!! So this is what you get: me showing you how to create cool candles and
looking tired. Sorry about that. LOL.



I have had a fun time dressing these up. as I mentioned
before, these are awesome gifts…and as I was playing around with these a few
more ideas came to mind:

1. décor for holiday parites

2. hostess gifts

3. neighbor and teacher gifts

4. wedding table décor- so cute w/ bride and groom photos

5. wedding party gifts

6. so cute w/different words and quotes

7. could be very romantic for a romantic occasion!!


Anyway, it’s worth your 7 minutes is what I am telling you!!


HERE is the link to the House of 3 Candle  kit… there are 4 printables ready to


I had fun wrapping these as gifts…i got a bunch of stuff to add to the wrapping at Michael's: jewels, sparkly garlands, tulle etc.





i must send out an apology… i have just realized that the link here on my blog to email me goes to one of my OLD email addresses ([email protected]). that is NO LONGER my email address. i will be changing that link!  please accept my apology if you have emailed me at that account, and not rec'd a reply from me. it is no longer in existence, but it also doesn't bounce… Please forgive… i thought i had that fixed. you can track me down on facebook- and i will be fixing that link. for now, if you have questions…you can email me HERE.

NOTE #2:

if you are on the waiting list for a Nourish the Children kit, hang in there… we are seeing what we can do. some of the items included are no longer in production and we are not able to get more. stay tuned.



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