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Ok, so from here on out, I am dedicating my Tuesdays to ‘technological tips’… in the effort to somehow stay one step ahead of my 13 yr-old (who am I kidding), and to get use my iphone to it’s fullest potential, and not just for passing back to my littles as I am driving in the car (although, that is huge!)  SO, if you have any thoughts, or favorite apps or anything ‘techy’ that you’d like to share, PLEASE email me!! It’s for the common good! So… I’ll kick off with what I am using RIGHT NOW… my 2 newest apps, and in the future I will probably only feature one thing at a time- but I guess this is a 2-for-1!!

Lose 1.   Lose it: I will preface this with saying that after a long and cold winter, last weekend I put on a swimsuit to swim at the indoor pool w/ my kids in St. George, and frankly, it was worse than I thought- TIME to swing into action! I have tried lots of different things- but the bottom line is that you just have to eat LESS calories! I was contemplating heading back to Weight Watchers, but truthfully, I know what I can and can’t eat… so this app is PERFECT because it tracks and calculates your calories for yoU! (and does the addition which is really hard to do when you are sugar-deprived)


The app is awesome cause it helps you set goals, you can add your own recipies and it figures out the calories and remembers them, and even figures out how many calories you burn (approx) if you have done any exercise. I LOVE putting in my food, and seeing exactly how many calories I have eaten, and how many more I can eat, and even… how many calories below my goal I am!! I love that it tracks what I eat each day, and remembers it, so if I can’t think of something to eat, then I can go back and get inspired by past meal ideas.  And if you want to watch your overall consumption, you can go back and look at your total fat, carb, protein of each day-

HELLO… it’s free!! Check it out!

 2. Get Running: this goes hand in hand with ‘Lose it’… this app is a personal running coach geared to get someone (me and eric) off the couch and up to a 5 or 10k race. As you may know if you have been a couch-potato (over the winter, or longer) it’s SO hard to get moving again! It hurts! I have gone out a few times, and tried to just start slow, but my knees hurt and then I push too hard and the next day I feel like I am going to DIE, so I was thinking that I really needed some support. OK, this app is so cool, cause it just gets you started running by guiding you on a really slow start-


A really nice sounding- aussie lady starts the first workout by warming you up for 5 minutes, and then takes you through a series of run/walks. 1 min run, then 1 ½ min walk- 8 times. She encourages you by telling you how many more seconds until you start or stop- and reminds you how great you are doing! Here’s the thing- it really is at your own pace (I don’t run as fast as Eric, but I can walk a lot faster than he can!) but that is not what matters, what you are doing is conditioning your body in a safe, healthy way to get moving- realistically… it tracks your days, so you can’t skip! It’s like running w/ a buddy! You can add music and listen over the voice- I am not sure if you can change the voice…

And if you’d like you can share your runs on twitter or facebook!

This one is pretty pricey at $1.99 (insert sarcasm tone)  but I think it’s worth it, and lots less than a personal trainer! ….so Get Running! I am loving it!

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