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olympic spirit

olympic spirit

It’s been an absolute down pour here this afternoon.. I am feeling so sorry for all the athletes and attendees at the outdoor competitions… it’s not cold at least… but really, really wet. We are heading to swimming tonight, and I am SO excited to get to go into the Swimming cube… such a freaky cool thing. we will be watching Mens 50m freestyle, womens 800m freestyle, mens 100m butterfly, womens 200m backstroke, but not sure what countries we’ll see. When you buy tickets, you have no idea who will be competing when, so that is a bummer.
While I have been in the midst of my deadline abyss… the boys have been to a few other events and venues.. having a great time! They had 2 days of basketball and also rowing. They don’t seem to show much on tv here, and what they do show is obviously not what the US is doing well in! so, I am wishing we had more television coverage! (you can’t have it all!)
We are going to try to go to the today show taping tonight our events…so maybe we’ll be on TV!!

note on the photos (post by eric):
the boys and i were down in wangfujing the other day just seeing the sights and looking for some USA olympic gear that would fit them and we noticed a crowd (mob scene) ahead. the boys were interested to get in and see what athletes were there signing autographs. as we got closer i could see that whoever they were, they were shorter than i was (5’10” on a good day, with hair) and that one was wearing a MLB hat and a USA t-shirt that did not seem very official the other a USA headband and michael jordan earrings. the first guy had his back to me and i nudged the boys to get in and get a look to see who it was. they wedged their way up to the front of all the chinese fans and the guy turned around and grabbed their shirts and scribbled something on each of their shirts as he was telling the crowd to come watch him play “bes-ket-bol” (pronounced this way) as he made a hand gesture of him shooting a basket. about this time i noticed he was not wearing any olympic athlete credentials nor were there any security or press around him. the boys came out of the melee and were ticked off as we all realized they were total fakes and he scribbled on their shirts. this did not stop more and more locals from joining in and just acting crazy to get pictures and autographs with them.
while there, the boys played a little hoop shoot arcade game and CORY schooled Colton in all 4 games. at the addidas pavilion there was a mock track with starting blocks that timed your start times. once again, CORY schooled colton each race. ~eric

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