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on deck-

on deck-

the last few days have been a whirlwind- and there is no end in sight! i feel like i just need one day where NOTHING is planned and i can just catch up. i have been wondering when i can 'schedule' that in. not this week anyway! 

i spent the end of last week at the Tattered Angels headquarters working on NEW stuff, finalizing CHA plans and making BIG plans! i came home with my head kinda spinning- the good kind.

we followed that up with birthday parties, and going away parties, baby blessing and planning a baby shower. it's feeling more out of control than normal… but as they say… "the show must go on!" (as in the webshow). and this week, i will be joined by a special guest… Wendy Senger- who is the inventor of "Glimmer Mist"


we will be showing off the new fall colors which i LOVE LOVE LOVE!! we'll also be continuing our "Summer Scrapbook Series" and talking about documenting TRAVEL!  it feels like she and i have traveled the world this year- so we are going to talk about some tips, and our favorite memories! as well as sharing cool techniques and stuff like that too!! so be sure to JOIN us tomorrow night… WED night.. same time, same place!! 8 pm MST… i'll have links tomorrow!!

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