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on my list…

on my list…

Ok,  blogging is on my to-do list, but I have to be quick since there are also 42 other line items. I have crossed off 11 so far, and feeling good. and it’s Thursday……. I am thankful for the energy. I will tell you this- I think that it’s energy that comes from creating. I think that this week is a realization for me that creating-actual hands on, time to create and think and PLAY is necessary for well-being. It makes me happy, relieves my stress and lightens my mood. Even though I am totally operating on small amounts of sleep…I need creative time. and because my scrapbooking is also my ‘work’, sometimes it is really hard to separate that time, and the energy needed. I find it hard to justify just ‘creating’ because there are so many actual tasks that are required of me, in a smaller and smaller available time slots. It seems weird that I am just now realizing it. or maybe I have experienced it in the past, but with my different set of circumstances, i am learning new coping mechanisms! Chuckle. Whatever the case may be… I just feel happy and energetic and it’s a welcome change. Img_7132

so last night we got to go and see the BYU ball room dance team which was a really fun and clever show. My favorite part was that the womens’ shoes were sparkly. That really did it for me! smile. We got home a little late-ish and I was so tired, but as I was getting ready to go to bed, an idea for a page layout popped into my mind, and I had the perfect photo for it (though it was not in the stack). This is my sweetie niece Aspen. She is just a few months older than Capri. She is a tough one to catch too! I love this photo, for me it totally captures her little vibe. She is an on-the-go-girl. Chuckle-this layout was inspired by a combination of monopoly and again,  jen lowe (wink). I love how she cut up the paper (she used the turquoise version of this paper) and got so many cool unique looks. I wanted to make a bit of a ‘gameboard’ layout. I cut up papers, used journaling spots, writers block and then just put little embellishments here and there.  This could go so many different ways, and be so fuN! seems like a fun idea for a travel page, or just a daily life page…   By the time I finished this one, I was wide awake, and flipping through my printed paper stash again.
This photo of Connor on valentines day WAS IN THE STACK! This page I used Scenic Route, and Daisy D’s paper… mixed with some black chipboard pieces. I cut up one of my CHA winter overlays- just cut the corners off.  Such a sweet photo of him.
Ok, blogging, check!
next: clean up desk:

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