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On the road…

On the road…


I have never blogged from my iPhone-pretty cool! We are cruising along, making our way across the desert, heading home after a delightful thanksgiving holiday! Although our vehicle easily accommodates all the members of our family… And with it’s in-roof tv and iPod adapter should make road trip travel far more enjoyable than it was for me as a young child… The kids still find things to bicker over and ways to bug each other and complain they can’t ‘get comfortable’. Eric has resorted to noise canceling headphones and his newly downloaded Beattles for iTunes albums- I am the referee and seatbelt monitor with only the threat of ‘no treats at the next stop’ as leverage. It actually works pretty good.. We are about to drive over that new huge beige that bypasses the Hoover dam for the first time!
I am a huge fan of the breathtaking desert vistas between az and ut. If it weren’t for all the fighting, id probably enjoy this drive!!

Anyway- my purpose in posting is to post the link to the kit for this weeks Parisian anthology webshow on the pink paislee website:

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  • Sweetcaroline05

    28 November, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    Thank you so much for the great holiday bargains at blossom couture, I ordered some very cute flowers. I am headed over to Ho3 now to check out some stuff, However I am just not digitally inclined. I watch the show all the time and even take notes!some day I’ll get it.Thanks again