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Img_5056One of my friends joked to me the other day  ‘if I don’t take a picture, it didn’t happen’… she was kind of referencing her bad memory… and acknowledging the importance of documenting life! she is not a ‘scrapbooker’ per se, but certainly realizes the effort that must be made in capturing memories! I couldn’t agree with her more. As our company left today, I was going through photos, and writing down all the places we went and things we did on what days… I tried to remember what they liked and thought of all the different activities and tourist attractions…and note how long it took to get where, and what I would do different- we have a whole line up of folks coming to visit, and the planning is critical to a fabulous Beijing experience.  As I sit and think of the funny stories, and comments from the kids- reflecting on everything that went on, I just can feel a huge smile on my face. We had a great time: the kids had fun together, we tried new things and went new places and I was amazed again and again at what a fabulous place this is.  I was reminded that you have to make a conscious effort, and create somewhat of a plan, so that at the end…you have a trip/vacation/experience that you WANT to remember. I always find myself asking that question ‘what do I want to remember?’ I have been looking through the 400+ photos, and I just want to remember it all!

Sunday evening was a highlight for me. We had spent the day at the Summer Palace after church- hiking and exploring- and when we got back, I decided to get out the scrapbook stuff. I wound up teaching the 5 older kids (we had 9 total kidos) how to make a little “I want to remember” book. They were so excited.  I had them each write 8 things that they wanted to remember about our trip, and then let them choose photos they wanted to include. They did the journaling, used too much glue and loved every minute of digging through my drawers and boxes pulling out stuff  to ‘spice it up’ as Colton would say.  They wound up staying up to just past MIDNIGHT working on their little books, and didn’t even get them quite finished. This morning was their last… and they were putting the finishing touches on their books. I am happy to report all 5 kids have completed books documenting ‘what they want to remember’ about this week we have spent together. Everything from the traditional tourist Forbidden City tour, to the adventurous zip line decent from the Great wall, to the energy burning FUNDAZZLE ball pit extravaganza and giant pizza experience at the Kros Nest… to what I think was a highlight: yesterday we took the kids to the toy market and got little remote control cars, then walked to the ‘temple of heaven’, just across the street and drove them around (there was no wind for the kites- frown). I have been thinking about the 8 things ‘I want to remember’… and while they are quite different things than the kids had written down…one thing is for sure… this was a week we all want to remember!



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